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iLoveKickboxing - Cherry Hill

1420 NJ 70E

Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
(856) 333-6253

Business Description:

Our goal is to get you in the greatest shape possible in the quickest time possible, with the most amount of FUN! Our mission is to give you instructors who are passionate and inspiring - helping you to overcome your limits, and reach your goals fast. And we're constantly researching, testing and tweaking in the area of fat loss to insure that our classes give you the best possible workout.


2017-06-23 21:53:11, by Kim C.
ILKB Cherry Hill is definitely worth the try, even if it is out of your comfort zone. I stepped outside of my box and I am so glad I did. Not only do these classes and instructors motivate you, but they also provide results and are fun on top of it all. Every class leaves me wanting to come back for more!

2017-04-27 22:27:06, by Jlescher
All around best whole body workout I have ever done! I feel stronger and in better shape a week in then I did with a personal trainer in 6 months. I love the way the class is set up in sections and how every instructor and person in the class pushes each other to keep going. Most motivating class I've ever been a part of!

2017-01-17 00:39:35, by Leandra Pone
Wonderful staff. Excellent full body workout for all levels. The staff is super helpful. You almost don't want to leave. So much fun.

2017-01-13 16:22:13, by Lauren G
iLoveKickboxing is an amazing, full body work out!! Stretching, conditioning, bag rounds and partner drills. It is such a fun and rewarding experience. ALL of the instructors are incredibly awesome, helpful and motivating.

2017-01-13 09:42:48, by Amanda Cook
I loving coming to ILKB Cherry Hill. Not only do I get an amazing workout, I've met some amazing people here. I never feel like I am unable to do any of the exercises, everything can be tailored to your fitness level. The other members are amazing, and the instructors encourage you to be your very best. I love this place.

2017-01-12 21:43:22, by Brenda
You will feel accomplished after your class. Never a dull moment from the start to the end. Workout even include pre and post stretching. I had a lot of fun punching the bag. Come join us.

2017-01-07 16:13:56, by Selena W.
I wish there were more stars to give because I love this place. From the first moment I felt really supported, though I struggled hard through my first class. The staff does an amazing job at making you feel a part of family, from knowing my name, words of encouragement, to highlighting my progress. They don't take it easy on you, but it is the best routine to do when you can only spare an hour a day to exercise. I am looking forward to getting healthier and stronger with the awesome support of this place. Try it now!

2016-10-26 23:03:13, by Jocelyn F
ILoveKickBoxing is the best workout I have ever had in my life. I can already see significant changes in my body and improvements in my punches and kicks after only a couple months. The instructors are amazing! They are very approachable, helpful, and motivating and make it a point to know everyone's name. I love how they take their time to walk you through the steps in each round and continue to make sure your technique is correct throughout the entire class. They play great music, the gym is very clean, there are a ton of classes at various times throughout the week, every workout is different, and they even support a different charity every month. I can't think of one bad thing to say. I love it so much that I actually enjoy going to the 6am classes!

2016-10-20 15:12:42, by Nikki D
A great intense work out that has really kept me motivated to come back again and again. Instructors are great and are super helpful. Music is awesome. I love waking up and going to the 6 AM work outs to start my day!

2016-09-23 09:46:16, by Mindy C.
I'm a member at at Cherryhill and it's the best thing a ever did for myself I wanted to find a place where I know I can get results and I found it in here. this place is wonderful I get a great workout is intense for the first 15 minutes of the class but then you enjoy the 6 rounds of kicking and punching the bag with the instructors direction and guidance. Its the best place you can never go to can get results. Is one big happy family here once you join here you become part of the family too , they treat you with respect make sure you get all the result you need.

2016-09-15 09:52:40, by Michelle Calderon
Results come in different forms. When you combine a great staff, flexible class schedule, family friendly environment, an intense workout and a clean gym--YOU GET RESULTS! Check this place out!

2016-09-13 15:52:52, by Elizabeth D
I can’t recommend this establishment enough!  The staff are always very motivating and they make it a point to know everyone’s name.  There is a great family atmosphere among the staff and the ILKB members.  Each workout is specifically designed per class so there are no repeat lessons and each staff member is encouraging and knowledgeable in their own right. I highly recommend checking out ilovekickboxing – Cherry Hill.  Not only will it make you feel better physically, it will contribute in generating a positive attitude, as well.

2016-08-23 22:30:12, by allie
I love everything about this place!! From the way I feel when I'm in the middle of taking out my frustrations on the bag, to the way I feel afterward, when I hit the showers after a hard workout, to the way I feel when I look in the mirror after the five months I've been a member. THANK YOU, iLoveKickboxing!

2016-08-18 13:33:52, by Sunny R.
Oh my god. When you find yourself scheduling your toddler's school schedule around kickboxing classes, you know you've found yourself a winner. I absolutely hate exercising and am against anything that requires too much movement. However, you'll find yourself addicted to this workout, despite its occasional brutality. The environment is so supportive and fun, I absolutely love it. The owners work so hard to create a great place to workout, and it shows.

2016-07-20 21:38:20, by Erika Flo
Just attended my first DJ night all I have to say is Amazingly fun. Best workout ever great music ,flashing disco lights, high nonstop energy. Recommend this place to all my family & friends. This is the place to be.

2016-07-11 16:18:54, by Olivia Murphy
Trying to get myself to the gym after working all day use to be a difficult task. That is until I found I love Kickboxing in Cherry Hill. I look forward to going everyday. I get to channel my frustration into those bags and leaving feeling much better about myself.

2016-07-08 22:50:48, by Morgaine Gallagher
Best. best. best place to workout and get into the best shape of your life. Even on days when you feel like you want to give up, instructors at iLKB will push you to your limits making you feel super accomplished. The trials are under twenty bucks, and it includes FREE gloves so why not give it a try?!

2016-06-25 01:31:45, by Ashley Shibe
Amazing workout, each class is different and makes you push yourself. All the instructors are so nice and supportive, high energy and great music to get your workout out and have fun!

2016-06-18 20:34:57, by Gwendolyn
Best gym ever to get a tremendous workout and feel as if you really did something!! This gym is one of the best decisions I've made when it comes to my physical and mental health! The trainers are all excellent. They are very helpful and caring! For the first time in my life I actually enjoy going go the's no longer a chore!

2016-05-12 15:04:36, by Doris Rivera

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