The legal aspects of home ownership or a rental agreement get more and more complex every year. Our article database provides relevant information needed to make a smarter legal decision.

Protect Your Interests With the Right Real Estate Legal Professionals

Real Estate can be a very complicated field for the uninitiated. Considering the sums of money that are being moved during a transaction, no one wants to become entangled in a financial catastrophe. The best way for a person to look out for themselves is by engaging the services of experienced professionals.

Legal Costs You Need to Plan for When Buying or Selling

Both buyers and sellers of real estate need to plan for legal expenses as part of the cost of completing a transaction. These legal expenses are for the most part predictable although occasionally an unusual problem arises that raises the costs. Most real estate matters are straight forward and routine but there is no way of knowing when something out of the ordinary will occur.

4 Common Real Estate Legal Issues You Need to Know About

Anyone who purchases real estate or currently owns a home or any type of land needs to be aware of some common potential problems. There are four potential problem legal areas that can arise with any real estate, whether a house, apartment, farm, or undeveloped parcel of land. Some of the following can and should be dealt with prior to purchase, but all can appear at any time after purchase as well.

How To Legally Protect Yourself as a Landlord

Legal issues are a major concern for landlords. This is true regardless of whether they own single-family homes, condominiums or apartment complexes. Tenants have the ability to pursue legal action for quite a number of issues and lease agreements are both an official legal document and an important element of a landlord's business.

Do You Need a Real Estate Lawyer?

Most of the time real estate transactions go smoothly for both the seller and the buyer, but some may be more complex and require some legal expertise. Real estate lawyers can help guide a homebuyer or seller through a transaction. It is a real estate lawyer's job to protect the interest of clients by ensuring that their rights are preserved.

Learn Your Legal Rights as a Tenant

Anytime you enter into a rental agreement as a tenant, you are obligated by law to follow all of the rules and regulations set forth by the landlord. Any violation of these rules can result in an eviction from the property. However, the sword cuts both ways.