Renting may seem easier than buying, but there are a lot of tough decisions to be made. Our articles will help navigate the real estate rental landscape by providing the information required to make a smarter rental decision.

Narrow Down Your Rental Search Using These Simple Tips

Few actively seek out an opportunity to search for a rental unit, but the task comes to almost everyone at some point. One problem is that a rental search is not one task, but a multiplying list. The process can become so encompassing that a choice doesn't include some of the renter's important criteria.

Choosing the Right Rental Property for Your Needs

Often, when moving to a new area, it can be a good idea to rent a property, even if you're eventually planning to purchase a home. Renting a property allows you to get familiar with the area, identify the neighborhood or town you'd like to live in, and conduct a search for a new home without a time crunch. Of course, rending a home to live in is also a popular choice, with about 36 percent of the American population choosing to rent versus 64 percent of people who are homeowners.

How to Furnish Your Rental Easily and Affordably

A new rental is always a fun and exciting opportunity to make your home look comfortable and stylish. Unfortunately, the cost for brand new furniture and home decor can quickly add up. Fully furnishing a home will easily cost thousands of dollars if you are not careful while shopping.

What Are Section 8 Apartments?

Section 8 Apartments are privately owned units rented to low income families, disabled persons or the elderly. Apartments are rented at the fair market value. Any difference between the amount the tenant pays and the total rental amount is government subsidized.

8 Ways to Ensure Your Rental Property is Profitable

Being a landlord can become a profitable way to make a living if you play your cards right. An attractive apartment in good repair is likely to be sought after by high quality tenants. However, if you don’t do things right, that new rental property of yours could become a money pit.

8 Questions Every Renter Should Ask Before Renting

Nearly everyone rents a home or apartment at some point in life. Renting may be due to a sudden move, need to save up to buy a home or a host of other reasons. Although most experts would recommend buying a home if possible, renting has its perks too.