Yellowise will be closing on 4/30 and no new listings changes will be made.

About Yellowise

Yellowise® ( is a local search engine to help you find local business through a simple and quick search. Promoting the sharing of ideas and opinions, Yellowise allows you to post reviews of the businesses you have visited or hired. Clean, honest reviews are encouraged to help your fellow searchers.

While Yellowise has a focus on displaying and promoting local businesses to help consumers find a match for what they're searching for, the site also has many useful articles. Many written by our local business partners, these articles have been created assist users in making good decisions in areas like health and finance.

The yellow-page data on the Yellowise site is powered by LocalXML®. Want to add business listings or reviews to your website? Check out how LocalXML works at

Yellowise has partnered with Yext PowerListings™ to offer business owners the opportunity to maintain their business data across thousands of premium websites in addition to those in the LocalXML network. Such premium websites include Yelp, MapQuest and Yahoo!. To learn more, click here.

Yellowise and Local XML are owned and operated by Inuvo®, Inc. (NYSE Amex: INUV).

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