Black Friday and Cyber Monday May Be the Perfect Days for a New Coffee Machine

Oct 07, 2021

Coffee machines are appliances used to brew coffee for domestic or commercial purposes. It serves many brewing processes, saves preparation time, and directly alters the taste of your coffee. These machines come in a wide range of designs and prices. Their prices range from $100 to more than $1000, depending on your preference.

Choosing a suitable coffee maker depends on many factors, such as: your budget, the type of coffee you like, and the control you would like over the brewing process. Some machines make several froths, thus giving you various choices, while others only make one type. It is therefore advisable to do due diligence before purchasing any device you come across in the store.

In recent years due to the discovered health benefits of coffee, its consumption is expected to rise exponentially and the market value of coffee-making machines. If you want to get a good coffee maker, then the best time of year is Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is when you can manage to get yourself a sale and potentially save hundreds. 

Basic Coffee Machines on Potential Sale

There’s a lot of coffee machines that might be on sale. Some of the simpler styles to look for include: 

  • Manual Espresso Maker - To use this machine, you need fine coffee particles to get the best results. It takes about two minutes to finish the brewing process.
  • Automated Espresso Maker - There are two types of the automated machine; partially automatic and fully automated machines. For a partially automated coffee maker, you have to attach grids to the device, while for the fully automated machine, you only need to push, and it completes the whole process.
  • Moka Pot - This pot is a coffee-making machine that uses steam to prepare your favorite drink. It’s a machine that can be put directly on the stove, thus making it easy to use.
  • Aeropress - It is a machine that resembles a big hand pump. It forces water through coffee particles with high pressure. It is simple to use, but cleaning and maintaining it may be somehow challenging.
  • Auto drip coffee maker - These are the widely used coffee-making machines worldwide. They are cheap and easy to use because they are fully automated.
  • Single-serve coffee machine - These machines are meant to replace large coffee pots and are effective in preparing coffee for one or two people.

Getting a Deal on a Top of the Line Coffee Machine

Following the rise in the use of coffee worldwide, there are many deals on coffee-making machines, and here, you can save a lot of money. Brewing your coffee at home is cheap compared to purchasing it in your local restaurant. Below are the best coffee maker retailers in the United States in the year 2021.

  • In Amazon, you can save up to 46% of your money when purchasing a coffee-making machine. They have discount deals on different appliances, including the best espresso machines, multi-serve coffee machines, and programmable machines.
  • You have a chance to save up to 39% on Ninja Coffee make machines when you purchase from Amazon stores. They offer various devices like the K-café, k-supreme pond coffee machine, K-classic, and K-elite.
  • Nespresso coffee-making machines have a deal where you can save up to 40% of your money. 

How Much Can Be Saved?

When you are shopping on Black Friday, savings can be pretty impressive. Keep an eye out for door crashers. These tend to offer items that are perhaps a model year behind, but still in stock. Sometimes you can save 90% off your coffee maker in this case. You still get a great working coffee maker. Who cares if it's last year's model? 

In most cases, you might be looking at something between 10% and 50% for a sale on a coffee maker. It’s really going to depend on the retailer and on the model. The highest end models tend to keep their sales moderate, while mid tier are where the biggest discounts are seen. 

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