An Incredible Mattress Is the Start to Better Sleep

Sep 24, 2020

Mattresses are such an important part of life. You sleep on one every night and your sleep affects you every single day. Not every mattress is perfect for every person. That being said, there are often several different mattresses which tend to stand out above the rest for one reason or another. A good mattress should provide the right balance of support and comfort to someone laying on it. It should also provide temperature regulation so no one gets too hot or too cold while they sleep. When you’re considering what kind of mattress you want, there’s plenty of factors to consider. Weight of the user is important. The method of sleeping is also quite important. A side sleeper may find a different mattress better than a front sleeper. The construction of the mattress will also matter. Memory foam has become incredibly popular, but innerspring mattresses and hybrid mattresses are also options as well. 

1 - Cassatt Luxury Firm Mattress

This is a beautiful luxury mattress that comes from Stearns & Foster. This mattress balances an interior innerspring design with memory foam for support. It also has a ventilation system so that there’s excellent airflow throughout the mattress to keep temperatures at a perfect level. The downside is that this is one of the more expensive mattresses on this list and costs around $4,400. 

2 - Saatva Mattress

While most online mattresses prefer to be made of memory foam and rolled up in a box, Saatva offers innerspring mattresses, but delivers them just like any other mattress that can be purchased online. Saatva mattresses tend to score well in every category and are both comfortable and supportive. Most people choose to buy the “luxury firm” level of mattress. 

3 - Serta Perfect Sleeper 700

This is a memory foam mattress from one of the biggest and most impressive mattress brands out there. Rather than a single type of foam, the Perfect Sleeper 700 actually uses three different layers of memory foam with different goals. The closest to the skin is full of beads which help regulate temperature and keep the mattress cool. This helps alleviate the number one problem with most memory foam mattresses. 

4 - Casper Mattress

When it comes to ordering a mattress online, the Casper is one of the most popular options out there. Casper was one of the first and continues to lead the segments in all foam beds shipped online. Casper mattresses are easy to use and they are easy to buy. Casper started as a single offering, but they now have some other versions of their mattress. The Essential version is cheaper, but has less foam layers. The Wave version is an ergonomically designed mattress. It provides extra support to people who need it in their hips or shoulders.

5 - Purple Mattress

Most mattresses are essentially constructed in the same fashion. The Purple Mattress does things a little bit different. The top layer of the mattress actually uses a grid pattern instead of a solid one. This makes it somehow feel soft and firm at the exact same time! While most versions of this mattress use memory foam throughout, some versions opt for an innerspring design. This can help with temperature regulation and airflow. 

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