2022 Will Have Some Interesting Professions Showing Up in the Top Careers

Mar 07, 2022

As time passes, some professions become obsolete while others gain popularity and take on a new meaning. Many of these changes happen thanks to new technologies that continue changing how people do business and interact with each other. For those who want to advance their education in 2022, they should be sure to have one eye on the future. If one knows that his or her career is in high demand, it will motivate them greatly to work hard towards their studies and make choices about the type of career that best suits them. Nothing interesting as finishing studies and getting one's desired job without having to tarmac for years as many people do.

There are many ways to know what kind of professions are on-demand in 2022 and the future. One of the top ways is looking at employment statistics throughout the world. Another way is to get insight from various experts and organizations involved in the field. The last but not least way is to closely watch the development of technology in this area so that one may anticipate which roles will be most needed and popular in the coming days. These are some of the top careers for 2022. 

1 - Network Security Engineer

A network security engineer is one of the fastest-growing jobs in 2022 and the near future. An expert in information security has the knowledge and skills necessary to protect an organization's computer systems and personal privacy against attacks such as hacking, viruses, spyware, malware, identity theft, and fraudulent transactions. Due to the rise of online shopping and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, a considerable amount of data needs to be secured. To ensure the safety of the user's private life, businesses need to hire professionals in this field. This profession requires advanced knowledge of programming languages and operating systems, as well as excellent communication skills to understand what the client wants. A person must also possess exceptional attention to detail and the ability to think objectively.

2 - Software Developer

Software developers will become highly sought after specialists due to a rapidly increasing number of mobile devices being used worldwide. With more than 2 billion smartphones sold every single year, there is potential for enormous growth in the industry. As a result, employers across all industries will require qualified software developers to create programs that utilize their respective hardware. Because development takes place within a specific context, projects usually involve researching issues such as usability or compatibility with certain platforms. Although software developers often specialize in particular areas, such as game design, front end web design, back end web design, etc., it is common for generalists to find themselves working as programmers or testers.

3 - AI Specialist

Artificial Intelligence is one of the hottest trends right now and the AI market is expected to grow tremendously over the next decade. In fact, as the global population continues to age, there is going to be a huge demand for companies and tech firms to develop smart products like self-driving cars, robot vacuum cleaners, drone taxis, and much more. These technologies use artificial intelligence to make decisions based on patterns and learn from those decisions. Experts in the AI field typically focus their efforts on developing algorithms that teach machines to carry out tasks or apply different decision-making rules.

4 - Makeup Artist

Thanks to the popularity of celebrities and reality television shows, makeup artists have been able to carve out a successful career for themselves. People want to look good all day long, especially when they go out into public. Therefore, the demand for beauty makeup services is constantly growing. For those who love wearing eye shadow or performing other makeup jobs, then having their own practice may prove to be very lucrative this year.

5 - Salespeople and Influencer Jobs

In 2022, salespeople and influencers will see substantial economic gains because of the many benefits these positions can offer individuals. Salespeople are responsible for reaching out to customers and convincing them about the value of a product or service. On the other hand, influencers do not actually sell anything; instead, they seek opportunities to influence others through social media. The job responsibilities of both professions include maintaining relationships with clients, building trust, identifying problems, and promoting solutions. Both work environments are incredibly competitive, and anyone looking to get hired should take a more personal approach and build networks. Becoming an influencer is especially difficult. While the most important ones take advantage of the profession, a bad influencer or one with an over-inflated belief in their reach can be horrendous to deal with.

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