Real Estate & Rentals

Buying or renting a home should be a pleasant, joyful experience. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Our real estate and rental articles provide the facts and information needed to help make a smarter home decision.

Get Your Questions About Self Storage Answered!

Americans have a lot of stuff! Many individuals have approximately 300,000 items in their home. While many of these items are needed, some of them are only utilized every once and awhile.

Narrow Down Your Rental Search Using These Simple Tips

Few actively seek out an opportunity to search for a rental unit, but the task comes to almost everyone at some point. One problem is that a rental search is not one task, but a multiplying list. The process can become so encompassing that a choice doesn't include some of the renter's important criteria.

Reasons to Work With a Realtor

Realtors are key players in the process of buying or selling a house. They work with both buyers and sellers to guide parties through the process of a property transaction. Realtors assist buyers in finding the right property at the right price.

Your Guide to Buying a Home

To most people, owning a home is a lifetime achievement. The achievement, however, does not come cheap. Naturally, you would not want to invest your money in something you do not like.

Ready to Buy? This Q & A Can Help You Decide

The decision to buy real estate is a complicated matter. There is no easy formula, or advice to give a potential buyer. There are, however, some fundamental points to consider before buying a home, investment property, or undeveloped land.

Choosing the Right Rental Property for Your Needs

Often, when moving to a new area, it can be a good idea to rent a property, even if you're eventually planning to purchase a home. Renting a property allows you to get familiar with the area, identify the neighborhood or town you'd like to live in, and conduct a search for a new home without a time crunch. Of course, rending a home to live in is also a popular choice, with about 36 percent of the American population choosing to rent versus 64 percent of people who are homeowners.