Real Estate & Rentals

Buying or renting a home should be a pleasant, joyful experience. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Our real estate and rental articles provide the facts and information needed to help make a smarter home decision.

Narrow Down Your Rental Search Using These Simple Tips

Few actively seek out an opportunity to search for a rental unit, but the task comes to almost everyone at some point. One problem is that a rental search is not one task, but a multiplying list. The process can become so encompassing that a choice doesn't include some of the renter's important criteria.

Reasons to Work With a Realtor

Realtors are key players in the process of buying or selling a house. They work with both buyers and sellers to guide parties through the process of a property transaction. Realtors assist buyers in finding the right property at the right price.

Your Guide to Buying a Home

To most people, owning a home is a lifetime achievement. The achievement, however, does not come cheap. Naturally, you would not want to invest your money in something you do not like.

Ready to Buy? This Q & A Can Help You Decide

The decision to buy real estate is a complicated matter. There is no easy formula, or advice to give a potential buyer. There are, however, some fundamental points to consider before buying a home, investment property, or undeveloped land.

Choosing the Right Rental Property for Your Needs

Often, when moving to a new area, it can be a good idea to rent a property, even if you're eventually planning to purchase a home. Renting a property allows you to get familiar with the area, identify the neighborhood or town you'd like to live in, and conduct a search for a new home without a time crunch. Of course, rending a home to live in is also a popular choice, with about 36 percent of the American population choosing to rent versus 64 percent of people who are homeowners.

How To Legally Protect Yourself as a Landlord

Legal issues are a major concern for landlords. This is true regardless of whether they own single-family homes, condominiums or apartment complexes. Tenants have the ability to pursue legal action for quite a number of issues and lease agreements are both an official legal document and an important element of a landlord's business.