6 Ways to Save Money During Your Move

Apr 24, 2018

Moving is expensive, especially if you abruptly decide to move without time to save. Moving trucks, packing supplies and service providers add up to a costly amount, even if you aren't moving too far. It is wise to look at every area where you might be able to save a little cash.

Make sure you save and budget appropriately, leaving more money in your pocket for takeout pizza and paint colors. Keep close track of your moving costs. You may be able to deduct your moving expenses on your taxes, saving you even more cash. Set a budget, and stick to it as close as possible. Use these six ways to save money during your move!

1. Declutter Everything

Moving companies charge based on cargo weight and how many vehicles you need to use. If items fill your house wall to wall, your moving costs will be higher than those for someone who lives like a minimalist. You don’t want to pay to move unused or unnecessary items.

Try having a yard sale or two before your move, plus you can pocket more money that way. If you know you are moving ahead of time, you can unload clothes at consignment sales and post items for sale online. Apply earned money towards your moving sale.

2. Ask Around for Boxes

Paying for moving boxes adds up quickly. Ask your friends and family if they have extra boxes available to use. If you have time to prepare, remember to save your boxes the months leading up to your move, even the small ones.

Go to local businesses to check for boxes. stores that sell beer and alcohol, drugstores and grocery stores often have cardboard boxes they can give you. If you use a moving company, they may require you to use and pay for their boxes, so consider that before deciding to use a company!

3. Do It Yourself

One of the best ways to save money during your move is to do it yourself without a moving company. Unless you are moving just a few neighborhoods, you still need moving trucks and need to declutter. However, if you are willing to put in the work yourself, you can save a lot of money by packing up your own belongings and loading the truck. Find some friends willing to help for the day! Friends can be cheap labor.

If you decide to go with movers for whatever reason, get at least three quotes. You want the best price since it’ll be the largest chunk of your budget.

4. Move During the Right Season

September to May is the off-season for movers. Most people prefer to move during the summer months because their kids aren’t in school and the weather is warm. That means it will cost you more money. If possible, schedule your move during the off months.

Also, movers are busy during the first and end of the month. That is the typical time for renters to be moving. Picking the right time to move allows the movers to give you a better price because they have fewer jobs.

5. Call Your Utility Providers

If you forget to schedule your disconnect, you will end up paying for utilities when you have left your house. Remember to call before a new billing cycle begins. Let them know you will be moving, and let them know if you are transferring services. No one wants to pay an extra month’s service if you aren’t using it!

Because many service providers require you to pay for a full month at a time, that means you might have to do without cable or internet for a few days. Cutting the services before you leave is wise. You might be able to cancel garbage pick up too, depending on how long it will be before you move.

6. Save on Packing Materials

Purchasing rolls of bubble wrap will eat up your budget in a heartbeat. Instead, take a look at what you already have to use. Try napkins, bed sheets, and tablecloths as packing materials. The only negative is that you will end up doing more laundry. Other options include cloth filters and newspapers. Check with local gas stations to see if they have extra newspapers they are tossing out from the previous day.

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