A Great Computer Mouse Fits Your Hand Like a Glove

Jun 10, 2019

If you've only ever purchased cheap computer mice from department stores, you might be surprised to learn that they're actually complex, high-tech devices with a lot of science packed underneath the surface. They can also come with a variety of functions and features depending on their intended use. For example, a precision gaming mouse is much fancier than the basic mouse that you use at the office. Are you in the market for a new computer mouse? Are you wondering what you need to know before you make your final selection? Consider this your guide to computer mice.

What Makes a Good Mouse

There are a few different things that go into the creation of a comfortable, convenient mouse. These include:

  • Grip - You're probably most familiar with the "palm grip" where your entire palm rests over the mouse, but you can also find a "claw grip" where your fingers bend at the knuckle and a "fingertip grip" where only your fingertips touch the mouse.
  • Ergonomics - Your mouse should mold to the shape of your hand and respond to your movements without any skipping or dragging. If you're prone to carpal tunnel symptoms, you might want to invest in a special ergonomic mouse that has been designed to reduce muscle strain.
  • Sensitivity - The sensitivity of a mouse is measured in something called dots per inch (DPI). A higher DPI means that your cursor will move faster on the screen when you push the mouse around. It can also help with detecting the smaller, subtler movements of your mouse.
  • Connectivity - Some mice connect to your computer with a USB cable. Others can be used wirelessly.

Using a Gaming Mouse

Gaming mice are usually made to a higher standard than regular mice. They're used for things like first-person shooter games, so speed and precision are crucial. Most gaming mice contain more side buttons than others, so that more control can be distributed to the right hand. They also tend to be more customizable since gamers like to adjust controls and settings to suit different games. If you're looking to improve your League of Legends score, here are a few things to consider about using a gaming mouse:

  • Comfort - If you're a marathon gamer, you'll need something that's safe and comfortable to use for hours at a time. You might want to look into the vertical mouse. Some people swear that its upright design causes less pain and stiffness than a flat, traditional mouse.
  • Efficacy - What's the DPI of the mouse? Does it have any removable weights that you can take off to improve its response time? Can you adjust the mouse's center of balance? If it's wireless, how long will the battery last without a recharge?
  • Synchronization - There are two ways that a wireless mouse can connect with your computer: The first uses radio frequency (RF) and requires a USB port, and the second uses Bluetooth to sync with your computer's built-in receiver.
  • Special gaming features - Some mice come with extra buttons that can be programmed for in-game commands like attacking, vaulting and weapon loading.

Popular Purchase Options

Now that you've learned a little about mice, it's time to look at some specific brands and products. While this isn't an exhaustive list, it should help you become familiar with popular models and the way that they're advertised to the public. Happy shopping!

  • Logitech G903 Wireless Gaming Mouse - The G903 is the sports car of computer mice. It even looks a bit like a sports car with its sleek, sharp angles and customizable dashboard. You can click, scroll and squeeze your way to victory with its versatile design and endless array of special features.
  • Jelly Comb Slim Wireless Mouse - You don't have to spend big bucks on a wireless mouse. This one from Jelly Comb can be purchased for the same price as a cup of coffee, and it will be stable, flexible and comfortable. As a bonus, it comes in dozens of colors that can be matched with your computer.
  • Apple Magic Mouse 2 - If you have a Mac, the Magic Mouse will make a great accessory for it. The smooth, flat surface will let you swipe and scroll like you're using a touchscreen, and the hidden battery is both wireless and rechargeable. The Magic Mouse definitely lives up to its name!

These are just a few popular brands for one of your computer's most essential tools. Whether you're looking for a simple two-buttoned mouse or a complex Bluetooth mouse with lots of special features, it's important to do your homework first. Know what you're getting into before you go shopping for a computer mouse.

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