The Most Exciting and Latest Cell Phones

Sep 10, 2018

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of a new top of the line phone. Companies continue to release new products in this increasingly competitive marketplace and the benefit goes to consumers. Phones are consistently faster, have better features, more storage and better cameras than those that came before.

The downside to the constant release of new great smartphones is that it’s easy to miss the newest releases and be unaware of some of the latest technology. What follows are some of the latest and best smartphones on the market today. These pieces of technology are just waiting to be used.

1 - Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Galaxy Note 8 was widely loved and considered one of the very best smartphones on the market. It was hard to top. Yet, somehow the Galaxy Note 9 found a way to do so. This recent release features everything a person could want in a smartphone. It has an immense screen. The battery is also correspondingly big, and can be wirelessly charged very quickly. But what is crazy is the amount of storage possible. The top of the line Note 9 model comes with 512 GB of storage, and can be expanded to over a terabyte through use of the microSD card slot. Arguably, the only downside to the Note is also one of its great features, the size. The Note is too large for some people and their day to day use.

2 - Samsung Galaxy S9

This also includes the S9 Plus. Putting their recent fire issues aside, Samsung really knows how to make some great smartphones. The Galaxy S9 is powerful, and combines all of the new technology with the older technology that people crave. This means that headphone jacks and microSD memory slots are still available so that people who customize the use of their phone how they wish to. The Galaxy S9 isn’t cheap (ranging from about $720 to $840), but it’s still a few hundred dollars less than the next phone on this list.

3 - Apple iPhone X

The design of the iPhone has remained essentially unchanged since the first came out. However, with the iPhone X, Apple decided it was time to make a change. The design is sleeker and no longer has a home button on the front of the phone. Price ranges from $999 to $1,149 dollars depending on the amount of memory needed. It uses facial recognition for unlocking the phone and is probably the best phone on the market when it comes to iris scanning. In addition, it can be conveniently wirelessly charged.

4 - Huawei P20 PRO

While not available easily in the United States, the P20 PRO is one exciting phone. To be fair, if it was easily available in all US stores, it might be higher on the list. The P20 PRO features one of the very best cameras, as it uses a three camera setup. This combines for 68 megapixels of selfie power. One of the other benefits is the absolutely immense battery. While it can be charged wirelessly, it won’t need to be often.

5 - Google PIXEL 2 (and 2 XL)

It’s not surprising that Google wanted to make a good phone that can handle and use Android well. Unfortunately they do miss a few features. They lack headset jacks, and also they do not use wireless charging platforms as of yet. In addition, the camera isn’t as good as many others here. However, they do have excellent waterproofing and a powerful processor.


When it comes to top of the line phones, price is usually a problem. ONEPLUS offers up an excellent smartphone at a discount. Princes for the 6 start at $529, rising to $629 for 256GB of storage. In addition, the phone itself is one of the most attractive on the market. The biggest downside is that the battery can’t compare with others on this list.

7 - iPhone 8 Plus

While not the latest version, the iPhone 8 Plus has definitely aged well. These glass backed smartphones ooze wirelessness. They are able to be charged wirelessly, and their lack of a headphone jack makes their earbuds all wireless. There are varying models which provide between 64GB and 256 GB of storage for apps and data.

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