Which TV Is Actually The Best Smart TV?

Feb 07, 2021

It’s difficult to walk through an appliance or electronics aisle without seeing the word “Smart” plastered everywhere. It’s no different when it comes to televisions. Everyone is racing to produce the best Smart TV. Unlike some appliances, Smart TVs actually have a lot of differing aspects. Since they are usually using their own version of the operating system, it can make compatibility an issue with all of your other great technology products. Typically a good Smart TV will have pre built applications within it and the ability to gain others. It can connect wirelessly to your internet connection and do so with ease. A good smart TV will let you watch what you want, when you want and often take voice commands from you. Now that smart technology is out on the market, there’s really no going back. Finding the very best smart TV can be difficult, but there’s a lot of great options out on the market to choose from. 

1 - LG C1 OLED

This is an incredible smart TV and absolutely excels when people are into streaming and HD gaming. It has one of the widest viewing angles possible, meaning no one in the room is going to end up seeing an incorrect view of the screen. Unlike many backlit LED screens, the OLED system has every individual pixel light themselves. This allows the picture to be stunningly beautiful. Another benefit of this TV is that any of the streaming apps you want is going to be available. In addition, the entire interface is top notch and very easy to use. It’s really hard to even come up with faults. If there’s one weakness, it’s the overall brightness. It’s not quite as high as some other televisions on the market. This means that if it’s placed in a TV that’s incredibly sunny, it might not perform as well as it could in a more neutrally lit room. 

2 - Sony A90J OLED

Like any TV with an OLED, the black color delivered on this screen is essentially perfect. In addition to this, the image remains high quality and accurate at very high angles, making it a great family television for big rooms and multiple seats. The quality brightness levels make it good for bright rooms as it handles sunlight fairly well, but a really bright room will win out. There’s a risk of having some permanent burning into the TV due to the OLED setup, but it should be alright. This TV is a movie lover’s dream and will stream everything you need! 

3 - Hisense U8G

This TV won’t run quite as much as most of the others on this list, but it is a heck of a great option. It has incredibly bright backlighting which ensures that no sunlight can damper the view or cause reflections. It’s also really good with content that doesn’t reach 4k requirements. This content is upscaled easily. That being said, like every TV, there are some downsides. More than any other TV on this list, the U8G struggles when you’re viewing it from an angle. This means it’s not suited for really large rooms or viewing parties. The biggest benefit is probably the price. Hisense used to make very poor TVs, but their quality has truly improved as they have made themselves a great budget brand to compete with the big names. 

4 - Samsung QN90A QLED

Samsung truly is an electronics behemoth making a wide line of great items. The QN90A QLED is likely their absolute best smart TV. Unlike OLED TVs, this makes use of mini LED backlighting. This ensures that the brightness of the TV is on the high side. Also, there’s no chance of the screen ever permanently burning in static images or menus. The brightness has another benefit as well. Reflection is essentially a complete non-factor. One benefit is that this TV is available in essentially every size as well, ranging in 7 options from 43” up to 98”. Like most of the options on this list, you can choose from a huge selection of streaming apps on the TV alone, let alone if you use any other devices along with it. It’s not perfect. It doesn’t support Dolby Vision. But really, aside from that, it’s a gem. 

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