Which TV Is Actually The Best Smart TV?

Feb 07, 2021

It’s difficult to walk through an appliance or electronics aisle without seeing the word “Smart” plastered everywhere. It’s no different when it comes to televisions. Everyone is racing to produce the best Smart TV. Unlike some appliances, Smart TVs actually have a lot of differing aspects. Since they are usually using their own version of the operating system, it can make compatibility an issue with all of your other great technology products. Typically a good Smart TV will have pre built applications within it and the ability to gain others. It can connect wirelessly to your internet connection and do so with ease. A good smart TV will let you watch what you want, when you want and often take voice commands from you. Now that smart technology is out on the market, there’s really no going back. Finding the very best smart TV can be difficult, but there’s a lot of great options out on the market to choose from. 


When it comes to simple to use Smart TV platforms, the LG operating system is absolutely fantastic. It’s minimalistic, but gives any user good control. It’s also highly customizable, so if you find one feature more important than others, you can simply move it to first in the running order. This smart TV is also brilliantly designed to take advantage of other aspects of a smart home. It is compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and LG’s own built in platform. This convenience means ditching the remote if you want. LG ensures that apps are up to date and gett the most recent updates. For example, you can stream Netflix and Youtube in 4K. This TV is expensive, running around $2,000 and rising depending on the size chosen. Honestly though, it’s fantastic and worth the price. 

2 - Sony A8H OLED

Android TV is making an attempt at taking over the smart TV operating system market. Several makers have chosen to go with Android TV including Sony, Philips, Sharp and Hisense. Sony has adapted it and improved it to the point that it gives you all the features and apps you could want and makes them easily selectable. Android operating systems stack apps. This means you can flip through them. This is a great TV if you own an Android phone or tablet. You can use the convenient app to get all kinds of options and fun. You get plenty of built in features like Chromecast, Android TV, and Google Assistant support. The one downside is that Android operating system on a TV is still a touch picky. In some cases some bugs can creep up and the possibility of crashing your TV briefly is more likely than with some of the other operations systems. 

3 - TCL 6-Series

Most of the options on this list can be quite expensive and run with the most high end smart tv operating systems available. The TCL 6-Series is a more affordable option and uses Roku TV to provide smart services. Roku TV works off of the same premise that their streaming stick does. That means you can scan through multiple app services to find what you’re looking for. In addition, they let you compare prices if it’s a purchase item so that you can get a low price. It’s not the most exciting interface. It’s plain and that’s all there is to describe it. That being said, The TCL 6-Series is perfect as it matches the Roku experience. A little bit plain, but easy to use with great value included. 

4 - Samsung Q80T QLED 

This is an excellent TV model that was clearly inspired by the LG option. The Tizen operating system it runs on is very similar and functions in much the same way as the LG option. All your apps are available through a horizontal pop up strip that used to be gigantic, but has been better sized with better sized icons in the most recent model. You can also use Samsung TVs as the hub of your connected smart home, which is convenient. An under-rated feature is the ability to cast back and forth from your tv and phone, but still being able to watch separate things while doing so. Depending on size, you’re probably looking at around $2000 for this model. 

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