England Has So Many Great Places to Visit Without Even Leaving the Country

May 08, 2022

Enjoying a little adventure without having to leave their country can be great excitement. England has plenty of places to explore. Understanding the many places one can visit while in England can be a bonus when preparing that bucket list of places one intends to visit.

Many people often believe that England only has London as a tourist attraction. However, for one to get to understand the diverse and numerous places to visit in England in order to get to know this wonderful country more than just the nearby local shops and pubs. 

The UK tourism industry continues to grow at a higher rate and is ranked as one of the top-ranked tourism industries worldwide. The world has continued to be on that fast lane of advancing technological innovations, making it easy for business transactions to be made online.

1 - Big Ben

Big Ben is one of London's top tourist attractions. It is located northeast of Elizabeth tower, which serves as an office for the British parliament. The tower has a bell that chimes every hour, making it easy for people to know the time and, more so, keeping everyone on schedule throughout their day-to-day activities. Thus, making it one of the most visited places in London.

2 - Stonehenge

Stonehenge is one of the most exciting attractions in the world, linking to a past that we can only really guess at and can’t fully explain no matter how much evidence we get. You can enjoy the visitor center and learn how the monoliths were created before heading out to view Stonehenge directly. If you book through “English Heritage” you can sometimes even enter the circle at Stonehenge during specific special visits (not usually available to the public). 

3 - Richmond Palace.

Richmond Palace is situated in Richmond, Greater London, England. The palace is synonymous with Prince Arthur and is situated close to the River Thames in Richmond Park. While there, one can explore the old-world charm of the palace. Most people like to visit the palace because of its beautiful gardens. 

4 - Old Portobello Road.

The Old Portobello Road is located at the foot of the London city walls and near the Thames River, representing an excellent place for tourists during the summer months when one likes to experience fresh and cool weather. One can quickly get there by car or by public transport. The road is lined with restaurants and bars where people can enjoy some cool weather and drinks and some great food; who doesn't like great food?

5 - Georgian City of Bath and The Roman Baths

This is a beautiful little city. Arguably the most common feature in Bath is the Roman Baths that are over 2000 years old. These have been placed onto the hot springs. The historical baths gives some insight into daily life during the strength of the Roman empire. Bath is loaded with classic buildings and heritage sites. Technically Bath isn’t part of The Cotswolds (yes, the debate remains), but it’s very close. This entire area is packed full of beautiful stone buildings and elegant gardens. Sipping a pint at a 500 year old pub definitely has a certain sense of comfort and majesty. 

6 - Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace is obviously one of the most visited places in England and is situated in the central part of London. It is a great place to visit before you die as there are numerous attractions one can see while there. These include the Royal Gallery, St George's Hall, St James's Palace, Royal Mews, and The Queen's Gallery, among others, in which many people enjoy every minute they spend at the palace.

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