Public Transport Means Never Having to Own a Car

Mar 07, 2019

Americans have long been known for their love of cars and traveling the open road. Cars provide us with freedom, flexibility and independence. Owning a care provides us the ability to travel when and how we want to. Unfortunately, car ownership is also expensive. Paying for maintenance, repairs, insurance and other costs can be a drain on our wallets. Traveling in our own car can also be a drain on our time. With the number of cars on the road, we can often find ourselves stuck in traffic for hours. This can add more time to our daily commutes and leave us feeling tired and stressed. Luckily, there are many public transportation options that can make traveling a breeze, while saving us time and money. Public transportation can be a smart choice for those wishing to maintain their freedom and independence without the pitfalls of car ownership. Read on to learn more about the many public transportation options available.

1 - Uber/Lyft Services

Uber and Lyft are two of the most popular ride sharing services. With the internet making it possible for us to connect instantly, this innovative form of public transportation hit the scene in the late 2000s. Ride sharing works by connecting users needing a lift with drivers working for the company. Using a smartphone app, users of Uber and Lyft services can instantly connect with an available driver to order or schedule a ride. At the end of the trip, users can easily pay using the app on their smartphone. Both companies have policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety of riders using their services. Ride sharing services can be a faster and more convenient alternative to traditional modes of public transportation.

2 - Amtrak/Train Service

For daily commutes to work or longer trips, Amtrak or regional train service can be an excellent choice. With service throughout the U.S., Amtrak provides medium and long-distance train travel to 46 U.S. states, with stops in small to large cities. Amtrak also provides service to nine Canadian cities. It is a relaxing way to travel while taking in all the beautiful scenery the American landscape has to offer. With more than 500 destinations along its routes, Amtrak can get passengers safely and conveniently to the city or town of their choice. It is the perfect mode of transportation to consider when planning a vacation. With service in and out of major U.S. cities, Amtrak can also be a good choice for those looking for a hassle free commute in their area. Beyond Amtrak, there are a number of regional or commuter rail systems servicing major U.S. cities that provide convenient travel for commuters and visitors.

3 - Taxi Services

Taxis are a well-known form of public transportation. They provide a quick, efficient and easy way to move around cities. Although most synonymous with major U.S. cities, taxi services can also be found in medium and even some small cities. Taxis can be hired in a variety of ways. They can be flagged or hailed from the street as they are passing by, especially in large cities where they are prevalent. Another option is the taxi stand. These are special areas set up for those wishing to take taxis in high volume areas, such as airports, malls and hotels. Passengers can also call the main office of a taxi service to schedule a pick up. Some services also offer e-hailing, which allows passengers to call a taxi using an app on their phone or other mobile device.

4- Limousine Services

Limousine service is another reliable form of public transportation. Long thought of as an extravagance, limousine service can be an affordable option for special occasions or trips. Limousine services are known for their sophistication and attention to detail. They typically include a high-end car, professional chauffeur, reliable transportation and exceptional service. The types of vehicles available for hire has grown to include executive SUVs, limo buses, luxury passengers vans, stretch SUVs and stretch limos. Many people choose a limousine service for special events, such as proms, bachelorette parties and weddings. Limousine services can also add a romantic touch to special date nights and anniversary dinners. Many people also use limousine services for trips to and from the airport for stress free travel. With many limousine service options now available, finding the right vehicle and price to fit any occasion is easy.

5- Greyhound Bus Rates and Information

Greyhound is an affordable way to travel throughout the U.S. without the stress of driving. Greyhound has been providing Americans with affordable transportation since 1914. Today, it provides service to 4,000 locations across North America. With an upgraded fleet of buses, Greyhound provides a comfortable travel experience for both short and long journeys. Passengers now enjoy free Wifi on every bus, along with extra leg room and individual power outlets to power mobile devices. Along with traditionally low prices, Greyhound also offers discounts to children traveling with adults, students, military and veterans, and seniors. They also offer specials deals and discounts that can be found on their website. Commuters can also save money with special commuter passes available on some routes. To find out the exact routes and costs, it's necessary to visit greyhound’s website. Their fees vary.

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