Streaming Sites for Your Favorite Music

Apr 17, 2019

If you are familiar with the 1990s, then you may remember walking into your local record store to purchase your favorite singers’ records and playing it a million times before wearing the disk out. Fortunately, CDs and records are not as necessary now as they were in the past. To listen to your favorite singers today requires no more than a few clicks on your phone or computer. There are a wide variety of sites and music apps that are dedicated to streaming a massive library of music to the world. Whether you are looking for your favorite song of the past, or a new jam to sing along to, these sites have the songs for you. Help yourself find the perfect music app.

1 - Spotify

As one of the world’s most popular music streaming services, Spotify offers its listeners a variety of features to make their listening experience an enjoyable one. While streaming your music on demand for free, you can enjoy a list of recommended songs that are similar to the other songs that you enjoy but have yet to hear. Shopify's free version of their streaming services features ad-supported music. If you want to listen without being interrupted by advertisements there are several other plans that allow listeners to stream their music on-demand.

2 - Pandora

Another great site that is free to stream your favorite songs and discover new ones is Pandora. Operating like a radio, Pandora takes your favorites and categorizes them into stations, offering a variety of comparable recommendations. Additionally, Pandora has a great feature that allows you to provide feedback for the songs that are recommended to you. You can either like a song to keep it on your track list or dislike it to never hear it again.

3 - iHeartRadio

Another music streaming site is iHeartRadio. This site allows listeners across the US to listen to live internet radio and create their own channel featuring some of their most favorite songs. iHeartRadio is one of the largest broadcasters in the US, as it is a part of the iHeartMedia group and runs over 850 broadcasting channels. Additionally, the company produces and hosts a variety of music events and concerts. If you want to listen to your favorite radio station from anywhere across the country, iHeartRadio is the site for you.

4 - Soundcloud

This site is best described as a YouTube for only music. Its collection of music is a vast library comprising of artists from all across the world. While you can find a plethora of songs that you are familiar with, the site is also popular for featuring talented independent artists. Like the other music streaming sites, Soundcloud has a free version, that allows listeners to enjoy their favorite music at no cost. If you do not like your experience to be interrupted by advertisements, you may want to consider purchasing one of Soundcloud’s premium plans for an ad-free experience.

5 - SHOUTcast

This interesting music streaming service gives you access to over 89,000 radio stations from across the world that are organized by genre. Shoutcast also has a simple and easy process to start streaming your music today. In addition to being able to stream the music that you love, SHOUTcast has several broadcasting tools to help you launch your own radio station. While these services are completely free, the site allows you to monetize your station with their publisher program.

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