The UK Has So Many Places to Holiday That There's No Reason to Leave

May 05, 2022

The United Kingdom is packed with wonderful places to visit and holiday. Many people think of Europe when it’s time for holiday, but the truth is that there’s a whole lot to enjoy without having to travel too far. 

The United Kingdom has one of the richest and most enjoyable histories out there. This means that if you’re looking for cultural significance, you can find it everywhere. That doesn’t mean the UK is stuck in the past however. Many of the best features of it are incredibly modern and make traveling within the UK an absolute breeze. Quite simply, if you’re looking for a great holiday, the UK can almost assuredly offer up a location to visit. 

1 - Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is almost like a trip into an idyllic vision of the past. Beautiful cobblestone features are everywhere. Many buildings have stood as constructed for hundreds of years. This is impressive enough, but the Cotswolds also feature shockingly beautiful gardens. These can grow away from houses, but often grow onto the houses. Having a pint on a patio while looking at the incredible buildings nearby is a must have experience when you are in any of the small towns in the Cotswolds. 

If you’re looking to bring the children with you and they aren’t interested in the historic buildings and architecture, there is the Cotswolds Wildlife Park to visit where they can enjoy watching giraffes and rhinos roaming around. If they keep their eyes out, they may see a lion or two as well. There’s also the Cotswolds Water Park if you want to enjoy a sunny day playing in or on the water. 

2 - London

Obviously London has to make the list of any great places to holiday in the UK. If you live within the city, then you’ll want to choose somewhere else, but if you don’t, then London is a great time. London is the cultural hub of England and influences culture and people worldwide. London obviously features such great tourist attractions as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. But beyond that, there’s a feel to London. 

3 - Scottish Highlands

Despite being so close, the Scottish highlands offer what looks like an entirely different world when you arrive. The visual appeal of nature is immediate and diverse. From beach to mountain, you’re sure to find some lochs and other beautiful features. In addition, the Scottish Highlands feature some great modern items to see. Consider a trip on the Jacobite steam train. Though, most younger people know this train by another name: The Hogwarts Express. 

4 - Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight features some excellent beaches and was a favorite destination of Queen Victoria in the past. In fact, she had a summer home that can be visited (Osborne House) when you head out there. There’s a strong history of dinosaurs and some people find fossils as they visit. The chalk cliffs are beautiful to view and the Shanklin Chine gorge is full of beautiful plants and waterfalls. There’s also a Botanic Garden featuring some really rare plants in an impressive microclimate. 

5 - North Wales

When outsiders think about the UK, they often forget about Wales. When it comes to holiday, Wales should always be considered. The north section of Wales is shockingly beautiful. Their gardens and parklands are full of unique flora that is sure to bring a smile to your face. North Wales is full of small towns and villages full of unique Welsh culture, perfect for a weekend holiday visit.

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