Traveling Through New York Offers Plenty of Fun and Interesting Places to Visit

Jun 11, 2022

There are very few cities in the United States that can be called a perfect example of American culture. A place where someone can go and experience true American living. Most cities lack that special something that makes a city great. New York City, however, isn’t one of those cities. A whirlwind of activity that never sleeps, this is the city to visit.

From the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building, New York is filled to the brim with amazing vistas and interesting locals. Many of these places of note are close together making the city a sightseer’s dream. There’s a reason that musicians can’t help themselves and keep making incredible songs about New York. 

Any tourist that wants to experience this city to the fullest should do their best not to miss out on the  locations that make New York City a city worth visiting.

1 - Times Square

Billboards, lights and crowds as far as the eyes can see, Times Square is essential New York atmosphere. The host of the famous New Year’s Eve “ball drop”, Times Square is perpetually alive no matter the hour. An incredible sight to behold at night, this location is still a fantastical visit even during the day. The glass dome that hovers over the place is Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum where life-like wax figures of New York icons stand still. Tired tourists can then sit down and relax at the row of bleachers set up at one end of Times Square before they venture further. 

2 - Central Park

Central Park is a familiar sight for anyone with even an inkling of interest in Hollywood movies. Half a mile wide and over two miles long, Central Park lives up to its namesake by being located smack dab in the middle of the city. Although this taste of nature deep in the heart of the city is dazzling by itself, the park also hides a host of other attractions within its midst including a zoo, a lake and even the Belvedere Castle.

3 - Carnegie Hall

As New York’s greatest concert hall, Carnegie Hall opened in 1891 and has been host to some of the greatest musicians in the world. From Tchaikovsky to The Beatles, this music-lover’s dream is an essential visit for any would-be tourist. For everyone else, the elegance and intricate construction is a sight to behold even on its own. Guided tours of the city provide a deep look into its history, construction and the many artists that have made a stop here and taken the stage.

4 - Empire State Building

Like many buildings of history, the Empire State Building was at one time the tallest building to be found anywhere in the world. While that may no longer be the case, it's still an important historical aspect of it. This building is one of the central figures of New York City. Clear days lets observant tourists the chance to see for miles around – including into some of the neighboring states. The 86th Floor Observatory will feel quite familiar to most people thanks to its inclusion in a multitude of movies and TV shows. Although the line to go up can seem just as long as the building itself, the view at the top makes the waiting worth the wait.

5 - Brooklyn Bridge

Standing high above the East River, the Brooklyn Bridge is another inspiring local and historical landmark of the city. On its completion in 1883, this bridge went down in the history books as the first steel suspension bridge in the world. This massive bridge can be seen from many of the ferries around New York. A viewing platform near the first pillar, however, offers those bold enough to get an up-close view a dazzling and beautiful experience.

6 - Statue of Liberty

Few places in New York are as iconic as the Statue of Liberty. There’s a good reason why France’s gift to Americans is every tourist’s number one place to visit. Standing just under 152 feet tall, this symbol of freedom continues to be one of the most popular tourist sites in America. After a short boat trip to Liberty Island, a stroll around the base is a calm and pleasant experience. Those lucky enough to have reservations can enter the pedestal and view the majesty of this symbol from the inside. Tours of the Statue of Liberty also give tourists the chance to visit Ellis Island and stop by the Immigration Museum.

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