No One Wants to Sleep on a Subpar Bed When They Don't Have To

May 05, 2022

Sleep is really important. There’s a direct correlation between many aspects of health and the quality of sleep that a person gets. People who are restful wake up ready to conquer the day. Those who don’t sleep well can’t wait for it to be over. 

The key ingredient to a good night’s sleep is a proper bed. A good bed is made up of many aspects. The most important is generally the mattress. The mattress offers support and comfort. However, it’s not the only thing that matters in choosing a bed. A good bed frame will offer stability. A box spring can support a mattress and elevate the bed giving the mattress a proper platform. Linens matter as well. A good sheet set will make heading to your bed more inviting and ensure that you’re temperature controlled throughout the night. Comforters and Quilts keep you warm, while your pillows ensure your head is at just the right place. As you can tell, a bed is much more than just a place to flop down. This article will look at several aspects of beds to help people get an introductory glimpse into the world of beds. 

Bed Sizes

Many people know the various sizes of beds. These range from Single to Emperor. When increasing in size, it may be a jump in width, height or both. Single is the smallest bed size and is typically intended for a single person or child. Just because they are small doesn’t mean they are comfortable. A single bed runs 90x190 cm in size. Next up is the Double. While it maintains the same length, the width increases 50% up to 135 cm. 

The King is arguably the most popular option for couples. At 150cm by 200cm, there’s plenty of room when it comes to both width and length. These are especially useful for taller people who want to avoid sleeping on a diagonal to keep their feet from hanging off the bed. Super King increases the width even further to an impressive 180cm. The final size is Emperor. It’s a huge square that is 215 cm on every side. There’s very little chance you will ever struggle for room in an Emperor sized bed. 

Mattress Types

There are several different mattress types that people can get. The most well known is the innerspring/coil mattress. Metal sprints are used to support the body. These have been made for a century and some people still love them. However, these types of mattresses can be troublesome for two people sleeping side by side. There’s a big advantage however. Innerspring mattresses can be very firm. This can be beneficial for people who prefer a harder mattress or people who are heavier in size. 

Arguably the most popular kind of modern mattress is foarm. Contrary to some belief, a foam mattress isn’t a single piece of foam that one sleeps on. There are layers of different types of foam within the mattress. Typically the base is strong and high density to support the bodies. There can be other layers of support foam, before a memory foam layer. Many also include a foam topper for a touch of extra comfort. There is also gel-infused foam. This type of foam mattress is intended to combat the main problem with memory foam: temperature control. Gel infused foam will help keep people cool while they are sleeping instead of allowing it to slowly warm up. Naturally, gel infused foam is more expensive than regular memory foam mattresses, but it can really be worth it to some sleepers. 

Other Aspects to a Bed

A good bed frame is important. It should keep the bed from shifting too much as you move. For innerspring beds, a box spring is traditional. This raises the bed and provides a solid base from which to sleep. 

When it comes to bedding, everyone knows how important a good sheet set is. Sometimes people put too much emphasis on thread count. Thread count can be calculated in different ways, and sometimes if it’s too high, it may be false. There’s an easier way. Touch the sheets before you buy them! 

Pillows are another item which have a lot of different options. Some people like memory foam, while others prefer duck down or poly fills. The type of sleeper you are can often suggest which type of pillows you should be interested in.

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