Your Guide to an Organized Move

Apr 26, 2018

Numerous people jump up, do a wave, give a Rebel Yell (thanks, Billy Idol), do a rain dance, hug everyone in sight, as well as cry when they learn they are moving to a new city for a new job. Visions of dollar signs dance in their heads. In their minds, their new house looks like Chip and Joanna Gaines just finished it and said “Welcome home.”

When they get home to tell the family, they take a sober look around. It's going to take a couple of big rigs to move all this stuff. Shall you pack it or leave it to the moving company? Will the movers be careful with all the delicate things like artwork and china? What about the plants? You'll need an organized move, but who do you call?

Types of Movers

Looking online only gets you a list of movers. It doesn't tell you what type they are. As if you don't have enough to worry about already, you should ask what type of company is planning to handle your things. You might pay too much if you hired a national brand like Allied or Mayflower to do your move.

The Most Popular Types of Moving Companies

1. Local Moving Companies

Local moving services will give you an organized move. You pack, they load, and together you go to the new house. They will put the beds together for you, place the furnishings where you indicate, and place boxes in the rooms for which they were intended.

Local movers are overseen by the state Department of Transportation. They aren't required to have a USDOT number. They are paid by the hour, including transport time. The charge for your move will depend upon how fast the movers are, how quickly they load and unload the truck, and how much time they spend putting together the beds and placing the furnishings.

Such movers are usually licensed and insured. It makes sense, though, to check on that just as you would check on the price. Any accidents or unfortunate incidents would then be covered.

2. Full Service Moving Companies

This type of mover is more for the homeowner unable to pack or move something downstairs. They pack, load the truck, transport your belongings, unpack, setup, install whatever appliances need to be installed, and put your boxes in the rooms delegated.

Since they're doing all the work, they will be properly insured and licensed. They don't want anything breaking on their watch, so they'll be more careful. They will move as quickly as possible and still do a good job.

This type of moving company will save you time as well as save you from arduous packing. This type of moving company is the most expensive, though, so you'll need to balance your need against your budget.

3. Partial Moving Services

Let's say you don't mind packing, but you can't afford a DIY moving truck or the size you need isn't available. Perhaps you don't have enough things to make a whole truck feasible. Alternatively, there may not be anyone around to help you move such as family or friends. In these and other cases, you might call on partial moving services.

These companies will come in, pack your things into the truck, transport them and unpack them for you. In the case of one room's worth of belongings or under 1,000 pounds, the company will move it for you.

Perhaps you need to be out of the place you're in at a certain date, but your new house in the new city isn't ready yet. Some companies offer storage while you wait for your new house to be ready. They will then transport your things when you can move in your new house.

Facts to Consider

  • Good movers are insured and licensed. Severe damages or injuries can be handled.
  • Different companies move delicates in different fashions. What’s good for art may not be good for other things.
  • How much packing does the company do? If it’s not much, you need to be prepared.
  • Moving dates may not correspond. Check with the moving company if they have storage available. It’s easier than unloading everything and packing everything twice.

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