Avoid These Common Mistakes When Selling Your Home

Apr 26, 2018

Making mistakes when selling your home can result in loss of money. Your goal is to get the most that you possibly can, so you can’t afford to make any mistakes. Selling your home should be one of the best times of your life. Ahead of you is a new future, living in a new location, and hopefully enjoying the profit you made from the sale of your home.

Before you start mentally spending the profit you could make, take a look at these common mistakes that homeowners make when selling their homes. All of these can lead to frustration and ruin your selling experience. Make sure to avoid these mistakes whenever possible.

1. Forgetting to Declutter Your Home

Don’t put the for sale sign up in your front yard until you have done a thorough job of decluttering your home. Potential buyers want to walk into a home that allows them to use their imagination about how it could feel like their home.

Too many items in a space can make the room look smaller than it is. Pack up the knickknacks, and move additional furniture away. Put the exercise equipment in storage, unless you have a dedicated exercise room. Organize the closets and rooms.

2. Selling Without a Realtor

Realtors take a portion of your profit as their commission. Yes, you want to make as much off your home as possible, but a realtor can be an invaluable resource when you’re selling your home. A realtor does the footwork for you. He will show your home to potential buyers and advertise appropriately. He understands all of the legalities of selling your home and can answer all of your questions.

3. Using Bad Quality Photos

Most people surf house listings on their smartphones. Bad quality pictures or a lack of pictures could cause a potential buyer to skim right by your listing. They want to see pictures ahead of time before they even ask to visit. Make sure you take plenty of good quality pictures with plenty of lighting in all areas of the house, including that fantastic backyard!

4. Not Disclosing Problems or Past History

Failure to disclose problems or history could result in the loss of a sale. It is essential that you disclose any problems you’ve had in the past. When a home inspector visits, they will see the issues, and it could take money off of the bottom line. It could also affect the safety of the future homeowners. Always disclose any problems you know!

5. Pricing Your Home Incorrectly

Underpricing or overpricing your home results in a loss of money. Search the market and understand your market. Take a close look at familiar houses to determine comps in your area. Remember to check the houses currently for sale as well as the ones that have recently sold. Doing so lets you understand what price tag is appropriate. If you are working with a realtor, see what their advice is!

6. Neglecting to Make Repairs

Is the sink leaking? Do some walls need to be patched and repainted? Don’t be lazy; make all the necessary repairs you can. You will lose money if you don’t fix repairs before you list your home. It costs less out of pocket for you to fic ahead of time than for the buyers to ask for the cost reduced.

The exterior of your home matters as well. Repaint your shutters, clean up the garden beds, and add extra gravel to the driveway. Homebuyers love to feel as if they can move right in without any work. 

7. Forgetting Extra Closing Expenses

Your realtor can let you know about fees and expenses to expect before closing. You could lose thousands, so request a list to confirm. Make sure you review all of the estimated closing cost statements with your agent before you give the keys to the new homeowners.

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