Everything You Need to Know About Smartwatches

Apr 16, 2019

Smartwatches are popping up all over the industry. They help people keep tabs on their health and offer a slew of information conveniently at the wrist. Simple tasks such as checking notifications can now be easily glanced at on a smartwatch, without having to pull out a phone. They can compliment a person's appearance and help to save them time. Smartwatches are an innovative technology and can provide a wide range of benefits to anyone's daily life.

There are many types and styles of smartwatches to choose from. However, there are a few important details to pay attention to before deciding to buy one. For example, there are some smartwatches that are only supported fully by certain types of phones. Someone with an Android phone or an iPhone should make sure that the smartwatch they desire is compatible with their device.

Android Smartwatches

A smartwatch Android device operates on Wear OS, an operating system developed by Google that is based off of the Android OS on many phones. A smartwatch with Wear OS will also work with an iPhone but with less functionality. The most important thing to do before purchasing a smartwatch is to make sure it will work with the phone being used.

Unlike Apple's smartwatches, there is much more variety and diversity when it comes to Android smartwatches. Since Android is open source, anyone can use it to build a device from. Companies such as Samsung, Motorola, Fossil, and others have developed their own smartwatches using Wear OS.

Apple Smartwatches

Apple came out with its very first smartwatch on April 24, 2015. Its release shook the entire smartwatch industry. Before then, Android was dominating the scene. One drawback of Apple's smartwatches is that they only work with an iPhone. Anyone with an Android phone should not buy an Apple smart watch unless they are planning to completely switch over to using an iPhone as their main device.

Since Apple is the only company allowed to make their watches, there is less of a variety to choose from. However, just like with the iPhone, this is also beneficial- timely updates can easily be issued to all smartwatches in a timely manner. With Android smartwatches, various companies have to release their own version of an update every time Wear OS is updated.

Best Smartwatch Retailers

Choosing the right smartwatch ultimately depends on the smartphone that a person uses on a daily basis. It is an extension of their phone and provides ease of access to information along with health tracking benefits. It's very important to conduct thorough research and to understand the features of the smartwatch before spending money on it. Once that is out of the way, here are some of the best ways to get a new smartwatch:

  • Best Buy - Best Buy is a vast technology retailer that offers some of the best smart watches, whether it be Apple or Android.
  • Amazon - The largest and most popular online marketplace, Amazon, has quite literally everything. Most smartwatches can be purchased directly off of their website and delivered straight to the front door.
  • Manufacturer's Websites - With most smartwatches, they can usually be bought directly off of the website of the company that made it. For example, the Apple Watch can be purchased off of their website. The same goes for smartwatches such as the Fossil Q.

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