Owning a Cat Is a Unique and Wonderful Experience

Jun 07, 2019

When it comes to finding the perfect pet, many people spin the wheel of animals and land on cat. Dogs are great, but they are almost as much responsibility as a child. Birds look good, but it’s hard to cuddle a bird after a long day out. For people looking for a pet somewhere in the middle, a cat is the right option. Cats often combine the perfect mix of comfortable and independent. Yes, you need to take care of them, but they aren’t going to need every moment of your time. Owning a cat provides you with joy, humor, a friend that won’t talk back (usually) and a soft way to relieve stress. Coming home from a long day out is a comfortable pleasure. If you haven’t taken the plunge on owning a cat, you can learn more here.

Benefits of Cat Ownership

It may seem weird to think about cat ownership as something that has direct benefits for you. You’re paying to feed them and care for them and provide them a home. However, there’s plenty of ways that owning a cat is actually a benefit.

The first and biggest one is stress relief. There are numerous ways in which owning a cat helps a person relieve stress. The funny things they do and their soft fur when they are pet helps calm and relax people. Considering how wound up much of America is, this is a huge benefit.

Another benefit is the way in which they provide an easy friend. Cat bonds with owners can be just as strong as the bonds that dogs have with their owners. They just tend to show it in different ways. But being able to chat with your cat about your life can provide a surprising amount of catharsis and comfort to people.

Popular Cat Breeds

Many people don’t particularly care about breeds of cats. They are fine with any type of mix cat which comes along. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. There are others who prefer a specific cat breed, much like dog breeds. Some of the most popular are:

  • Maine Coon - These cats are long hairs and some of the largest common domestic breeds. They are very popular and make for some of the best cuddling cats.
  • British Shorthairs - These cats often have slightly smaller ears and wider faces. This can sometimes give them a perpetually surprised look.
  • Siamese - These siamese cats are have a very distinct look. White coats with grey ears and a grey face are the signature look for this cat.
  • Sphynx - Hairless cats can be very popular in some circles.
  • Bengal Cats - These cats are known for their distinctive coats. They have spots and stripes very similar to jaguars and tigers or other “big cats”. Many people enjoy feeling like they own a tiny tiger.

Tips for Owning a Cat

Cat ownership is often best taught on the fly. Learning about your cat and the personality it has is one of the best parts of getting a cat. When adopting a cat, go slow and be patient. Set aside some time every day to spend with them. This is especially true of older cats that have been adopted. Let them adapt to living with you. Even if you aren’t actively giving them attention, try to spend time in the same room as them.

Another great idea for ownership is to give your cat some room for itself. Your cat likes to have it’s own space. Also provide it with entertainment. A cat wants to be able to enjoy itself during the day as well. Some good cat beds, scratching posts and containers can provide them with entertainment.

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