How To Have The Best Performing Home Security System

Jun 03, 2019

When it comes to home security, your residence is only as safe as its weakest point. A homeowner can have cameras installed at every entrance in the home along with alarms at every single window. However, if the homeowner didn't consider the security of their garage door, a criminal will find that weakness and take advantage of it. In fact, thousands of homes everyday fall victim to breaches in home security. The cost is more than just financial. A homeowner and their family can feel violated and insecure within their own home after a burglary. Sadly, the best security systems in the world are useless without careful planning. Therefore, it is important that a homeowner consider every type of situation when it comes to home security. Sadly, criminals are experts when it comes to finding that single flaw in a home security system. In fact, many burglars work in "teams" to scout possible homes and carefully plan their crimes well in advanced. Therefore, it is critical that a homeowner remains one step ahead to ensure that their home security system is bulletproof. here are some steps a homeowner can take in order to ensure that a home security system is ready for any situation.

Security Concerns

The first thing that a homeowner should consider is having 100% home security camera coverage in their home. It is not enough to simply have a camera placed at the front door and the back door of the home. Criminals already assume that the front door and the back door of an upscale residence will have security cameras. However, if the burglars see a security camera at the sides of the home and near the first-floor windows, the bad guys will think twice. Burglars are much more likely to seek a "softer target" when confronted with an array of cameras around the home. To make the installation of these cameras easier, there are a number of wireless security cameras available. These wireless security cameras work with the home's wi-fi system in order to provide live video coverage. Many professional security companies will have a number of security camera options available including wireless security cameras. The next step in home security is to have a professional security consultant check the home to find those one or two "weak points" that may have been overlooked by the homeowner. Many home security experts have years of experience and they know how to think like the bad guys. One consultation with a home security expert could be the difference between having a bulletproof home security system and being the victim of a break-in. Finally, the homeowner should regularly test their home security system. It would be a tragedy to invest all that time and money on a security system only to find out that it was not 100% operational during the time of a break-in.

Questions and Answers

Q: What is a home security system?

A:  home security system consists of a number of alarms, sensors, cameras and motion detectors that alert a homeowner and a security system of an intruder.

Q: What is the difference between a security camera and a wireless security camera?

A: conventional security camera will have a direct link to a home security system via a wire or a cable. A wireless security system will transmit its footage through wi-fi or another wireless system.

Q: What can security systems detect?

A: A security system can detect motion outside and inside of your home. The system can also detect when a door or a window is opened. Some security systems can also detect smoke and fire.

Q: What happens when a security system detects a breach?

A: If a door or window is breached when the security system is armed, an alarm will sound and police or security will be called. Also, some security systems can also detect the presence of smoke and fire, prompting it to alert the fire department.

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