These Common Work From Home Jobs Mean No More Office

Apr 15, 2019

Imagine heading to work and your commute is to another room in the house. Your dress code is so casual that you can wear lounge pants and slippers. There’s no need to worry that you are out of hairspray since no one will be seeing you anyway. Many people are taking advantage of work from home opportunities, and as they break away from the traditional “going to the office” mentality, they are embracing the freedom that working from home offers. Working from home can have many different looks. It could mean working an online job, working remotely for a company with an office building, or running a business out of your house. If working from home seems appealing to you, consider one of these common work from home jobs.

1 - Work remotely for your current company

More employers are offering remote jobs for their employees, and as the popularity of it grows, the more companies that will jump on board with the idea. Working remotely means you are set up in your house to be able to perform your job as if you are in the office. Many meetings can be scheduled via video conferencing software that foster the same amount of collaboration as an in-person meeting. Remote workings may still mean going into the office on an agreed schedule or for meetings, but most of the time, you get to work from the comfort of your home.

2 - Data Entry

There are several companies that need data entry work completed, which doesn’t require you to go to an office. For these jobs you often need reliable internet connection and a computer. You may also need certain software programs, or even special hardware depending on the type of data entry that you are going to do. Many data entry jobs are available if you are looking to make money online but need something that is part time and offers flexible hours.

3 -  Web Dsigner

Many companies are looking to create eye catching and appealing websites, but do not have the in-house staff to do it. If you have a basic understanding of web design, you have the foundation to make money online and offer these services to businesses. As a web designer, you may be required to meet in person to consult with clients, so be sure to check out the home location of the company before you sign a contract to do the work.

4 -  Customer Service Representative

If you like dealing with people, a customer service job may be the perfect fit. When you work at home in these types of positions, the call center comes to you. Customer service jobs can take on a lot of shapes such as Customer Service Agent, remote Tech Support Agent or virtual Help Desk Agent. The company will most likely set you up with the ability to interact effectively with customers. Some companies may require that you provide your own equipment, so check out all the details before you apply.

5 - Medical Transcriptionist

Many medical transcriptionists work at home. A medical transcriptionist listens to audio files from medical professionals and types it into a written document. Listening skills, fast typing, accuracy, and the ability to edit your own work are necessary for this job. Most companies prefer to hire people who are certified in this field, so you may need to seek out a course to take before pursuing this job offer. Courses are available online and through many community colleges.

6 - Child Care

If the idea of working from home in front of a computer does not seem appealing to you, consider offering a service that is in demand. Quality and affordable child care is in need, so if you have a love for children, this option might be right up your alley. Before starting your business, be sure to check out your state and local requirements regarding licensing, insurance, training, and certifications.

7 - Teach Online Classes

Work for online teachers is available both full and part time. Teaching jobs are available for a wide variety of subjects and grades. Some jobs require the teacher to stream live to a class, some may be pre recorded lessons, while others may not have a video aspect at all and instead are taught strictly through written communication. Teaching jobs are even available to help others learn English.

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