The Best Keyboard Fits Your Hands Like a Glove

Jun 21, 2019

Whether you spend hours a day using your computer, or you are just the type of person who uses their computer for the bare necessities having a great computer keyboard makes all the difference on your fingers. Did you know that there are dozens of different styles of keyboard to choose from? Picking the right one for you and your needs can help drastically reduce strain and can make using your computer more fun. Finding a keyboard that perfectly suits you is like magic. The right one will fit your hands like a glove. Understanding what type of keyboard to buy can be difficult though. To help you get started, below is more information on what makes a keyboard comfortable to use, what gaming keyboards are, and a few different types of keyboards that are popular.

What Makes a Comfortable Keyboard

The mechanical pieces that keyboards use to turn your keystrokes into characters are called "key switches" and they come in a few varieties. Each type of key switch has a different level of resistance, which means on a keyboard with mechanical switches you will have to use a little more force on each keystroke than on, say, a silicone dome style switch. If you spend a lot of time typing, you might like a scissor switch. Gamers tend to go for mechanical key switches, because they are very tactile.

Another factor is ergonomics. The way a keyboard is laid out may be more or less comfortable depending on factors like where your keyboard sits and how large or small your hands are. Ergonomically designed keyboards are more comfortable, and reduce the stress on your tendons and muscles of your hands.

Gaming Keyboards

Gaming keyboards are keyboards specially designed for use by competitive gamers, and come with a boatload of extra features. Often, they are backlit which makes keys more easily visible in the low light conditions that are ideal for gaming. Plus, the backlighting just looks cool. Additionally, some models come with adjustable or dimmable lights for day to night use. For convenience to certain games, it is common that the keyboard has extra keys which can be programmed with special commands of the computer user's choosing. This means faster responses and less strain on key commands the get repeated often during game play. The really fancy gaming keyboards also tend to have mechanical keys, which have a nice sound on the keystroke, but also last longer because of the intricate springs inside. The market for gaming keyboards is not just for professional gamers though. Gaming keyboards are also popular with folks who write for a living and like the old fashioned crunchiness of the keys and typewriter-esque sound.

Popular Keyboards to Purchase

Highly reviewed across the web, the CM Storm Devastator is likely the best keyboard for gamers. It has great features like backlighting and mechanical key switches. But gaming keyboards are not the only keyboards out there.

It is also possible to find a dazzling array of ergonomic styles. Some of the most common and affordable models feature traditional layouts with contoured and padded wrist rests. One popular model, the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 features a wave shape that keeps your hands in a comfortable position and height to reduce the risk of strain over time. This design makes it well suited for folks who spend a lot of time typing.

Another type of keyboard that is popular is the wireless keyboard. If you tend to move around a lot while using your computer, a wireless keyboard is a great option. One of the most popular models on the market, the Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800 is a model that has soft backlighting for better visibility and a wireless receiver.

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