Men Have More Impressive Shoe Options Than Ever Before

May 08, 2022

Men are interestingly adopting the habit of staying mindful of their fashion styles or statements. The footwear game is often overlooked and lightly considered a facet of men's style. This is a mistake. When it comes to shoes, fashion is a really great option. With the perfect shoes, one can uplift a style. However, they can also mess up the overall look if not well complemented by one’s attire. Men ought to buy and wear different shoes for different occasions, functionality, and fashion styles. However, in order to do that, you need to know what kind of shoes you want as well as the best places to get fashionable shoes. This article will hope to function as an introduction to just that. 

Most Popular Shoe Styles for Men

There’s a lot of different shoe styles that can be chosen. Some of the best include: 

  • Brogue Shoes - Brogue shoes are one of the classic must-haves for a man's wardrobe. The brogue shoes are not only flexible but also stylish in a more subtle way. Consider buying brown brogue shoes for a stunning fashion statement. Initially, the shoe design was for muddy areas, hence the perforations on their leather. With time this style has developed to accommodate styling men's feet in official events and at work.
  • Chelsea Boot - Made famous by iconic rock group The Beatles, the Chelsea boot can be fittingly worn in a corporate meeting or during clubbing nights. While most men opt for the suede version, pointed Chelsea boots are just as fashionable. Its ankle boot-like and shoe-lace-free design adds a cool perspective to the feet.
  • Oxfords - Oxfords are a basic wardrobe requirement for a working gentleman. The Oxford shoes are specially designed to meet formal dressing styles. Oxford's design is uniquely identified by a V shape at the shoe eyelets.
  • Chukkka - Suede Chukkas can be the best of both casual and official worlds. These versatile shoes are smart, boast a colorful texture, and blends easily with most men's look. If one is looking for shoes in between sneakers and Chelsea boots, buy Suede Chukkas now.
  • Sneakers - Sneakers are perhaps the poster-boy fashion item for men's shoes. Sneakers can cause a frenzy when new versions hit the market, and it's no surprise. Popularized by celebrities and athletes, sneakers offer the perfect addition to a casual look. Sneakers come in various designs and brand names. Some of the world's favorite sneaker brands include Adidas, Nike, Vans, Puma, Reebok, and New Balance.
  • Loafers - Summertime calls for comfortable and breathable wear, and it's no different for footwear. Loafers are best suited for both casual and formal looks, however, do not consider them for full-on suit styles. The loafers come in different styles and materials, including leather and suede options. Easy to slip on and comfortable enough, loafers are a must-have summer shoe style.
  • Leather Boots - When winter arrives, one will want to keep warm whilst staying as stylish as possible. Leather boots are best suited for the wintertime due to their durability.
  • Monk Straps - Shoelaces can be a make-or-break feature when buying men's shoes. If one prefers shoes with no laces, monk straps provide a great footwear option. Instead of laces, these shoes have either single or double straps. The straps help keep the shoe in place. Monk straps can be humble yet comfortable additions to one's shoe wardrobe. Steeped in history, monk straps have seen modernization to meet evolving fashion styles and designs.

Best Men Shoe Retailers in UK

Shoe shopping experiences can be exciting, and in the UK, there are several shoe retailers that one can visit. Below are some of the best men's shoe retailers.

  • Mr Sneaker - Mr Sneaker is one of the most popular shoe stops for all things sneakers in London. Here one can find rare sneaker editions, the latest and classic sneaker types for all budgets.
  • Russell & Bromley - When it comes to Russell & Bromley, sophistication is of utmost importance. The store features a range of stunning shoe designs for elegant fashion. Their loafers' designs are especially well-loved.
  • Grenson - The Grenson brand has been around for over 150 years, establishing itself as not only a shoe retail store but also a shoe designing company. One can find a range of different handcrafted shoe styles for every occasion across their six stores here in the UK.
  • Shoe Zone - If one is looking to upgrade their footwear wardrobe on a budget, Shoe Zone is the retailer for that. Available online, Shoe Zone offers plenty of shoe options at relatively affordable prices.

Before setting out to one of the mentioned stores, consider a checklist for the shoe shopping experience. Buy one’s preference in consideration of the shoe's style, when one can wear it, the material, and how one can wear it.

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