Using Phone Lookup Makes Calling People a Breeze

Jun 03, 2019

Thanks to incredible advances in technology, it is easier than ever to use phone number lookups to find people with whom you need to connect. This is great news for those of us who are on busy schedules but need to move fast. Additionally, the proliferation of websites who can conduct phone number lookup and reverse phone number lookups has helped to give consumers more options than ever before when it comes to getting information that they need.

However, this convenience and technological advancement comes with a price: A major rise in the number of robocalls, telemarketers and scammers. As a result, consumers must be more aware of these attempted scams. But, there's good news here: There are plenty of programs, apps and methods by which we can avoid these modern day annoyances.

What is Phone Lookup?

Phone number lookup is the easy process which allows you to identify someone's phone number. Before the advent of the internet, this used to involve finding a person or business' name, grabbing the thick yellow pages and thumbing through the book until you found the appropriate contact information. Thankfully, that process is now much easier. In addition to Google, there are many websites which allow you to find the person or business you are looking for. In order to run a phone number lookup search, simply go to any of these websites:

However, be warned: Many of these services (and others) will allow you a limited degree of information at no charge. If you want to conduct a broader search for more detailed or specific contact information, you may have to pay.

What is Reverse Lookup?

Reverse phone number lookup is when you use a phone number you have in order to determine who called you. Here's an example. Let's say you get a call from a number but don't reach your phone in time. Simply take the number and use any of these services:

Again, many of the above services will often allow you to see a limited number of results or limited information before charging you for additional access. However, a quick Google search will often also yield useful information when you do a reverse phone number lookup. For example, take the number 610-268-6446 and run a Google search on it. Among the top results:

  • Business Scam
  • Complaints about 610-268-6446

The information above makes the decision easy: 610-268-6446 is a number to be avoided for if and when they call again.

How Can You Avoid Telemarketers?

While the amount of robocalls is unquestionably on the rise, there are ample tools which will allow you to avoid these modern day door to door salesmen. First, some basic tips which won't cost you any money to use:

  • If you don't know the number, don't answer it. If it's someone important, they'll leave a voicemail.
  • Run a reverse phone lookup, as noted above. If a number is a robocall, you can add it to your blocked caller list.
  • Add yourself to the National Do Not Call list, but be warned: The effectiveness of the do not call list has waned in recent years, thanks to technology which allows for robocallers to avoid detection and prosecution.

Additionally, most major phone services have free options which can help you filter, identify and block these types of calls. You should contact your phone carrier in order to see what options are available to you.

If robocalls are a huge hassle, you can always invest in paid services. These apps or programs claim to be able to detect robocalls and scammers and block them, thus making your life a significantly easier. Among the services available:

  • RoboKiller
  • NoMoRobo
  • Hiya

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