London Has a Variety of Brilliant Sights to See That Are Often Missed

May 05, 2022

There’s a few cities in the world that stand out in terms of culture and historical importance. London is one of these. It’s full of interesting sights and activities both historical and modern. Despite this, many people who live in London sort of take this for granted or never even learn about many of the world class experiences that are just a cab or tube ride away. 

This article is going to look at many of the most enjoyable or interesting sights that can be seen in London. Sure, some of them are obvious, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t great. Sometimes it can be good to see something again that maybe you only visited as a child. These landmarks can take on a whole new meaning as an adult. 

1 - Westminster

One of the fun things about a visit to Westminster Abbey is that it is usually open the public to head through and explore. If it is closed, it’s likely for a state funeral or wedding, so you’re probably not going to get through the crowds anyway. It’s always nice to stop and enjoy Big Ben if you get the chance too. The sheer majesty of it is something that can get taken for granted if you live in London and often hear it. If you’re feeling political, drop by parliament square and the statues of the past political dynamos. 

2 - London Eye

The Eye has become a foundational piece of a visit to London. Not only is it fun to slowly rise up, but it gives you an incredible view of the city. While some people like to ride the Eye during the day for the sunlit visibility, it’s even more interesting at night. The Eye itself becomes lit up and you can see the lights of the city stretch out in a very impressive view. 

3 - Soho

Everyone who wants to hit up some bars, pubs or clubs needs to spend a night in Soho. No matter what your interests and lifestyle, there’s going to be a fun place to sip a drink and meet some new friends. Sure Soho has a bit of a seedy past and you can sometimes see some signs of that, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The link to the past gives Soho an authenticity and a verve that is hard to get when constructing a nightlife area from scratch. 

4 - Hampstead Heath

How about visiting an 800 acre park in the midst of London to get away from the buildings for a second. It’s got an interesting variety of forests, grassed areas, water features and recreation areas. A fun part about this park is it’s elevated from much of London. This means you can look out over an impressive view of the city and take it all in. 

5 - Baker St.

Yes, Sherlock Holmes is fictional. But he’s still one of the most fascinating characters and “people” to have ever been a part of London. Baker street where he lived in the books is a real place, and the Sherlock Holmes museum is here and a really interesting visit. Baker street is more than just Sherlock Holmes however. With the famous Madame Tussauds wax museum nearby, you can visit with all kinds of “fake” celebrities and have yourself a fun afternoon. 

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