Some Unique Wedding Favors Will Keep Wedding Guests Entertained

Sep 26, 2021

Wedding favors should be thoughtful and memorable. Wedding favors have been a part of weddings since the beginning of time. It is one of those traditions that has been passed from one generation to another, back then and today. However, just because it's a tradition doesn't mean that couples can't put their twist on it. Getting started on wedding favors is often something that most couples put off until the last minute. When planning your big day, there are so many other things to think about, but don't wait too long with this important decision! You'll want to give your guests an activity or treat they can enjoy during their trip home from the celebration. Below are some unique wedding favor ideas inspired by nature, food, weddings past, and more.

1 - Cookies

Whether you're planning an extravagant or straightforward reception, your guests will appreciate some tasty treats on their way home. Cookies are always a popular choice, but why not get creative with the flavor? Many bakers grace the event with take-home gift bags. The baskets are filled with different flavor cookies. These flavors remain embedded in the minds of your guests, leaving the wedding memories with them always.

2 - Wedding Cake Pieces

A wedding cake is one of the most symbolic parts of a bride's big day! It represents where she came from (the traditions in which her parents grew up) and where she is going (her journey through life with her new husband) because it has such an impactful meaning at the wedding. Inspired flavors like red velvet cake with white chocolate frosting in a woman are a cute addition to your reception. If you're having a less sweet celebration, try sending guests home with boxes of popcorn or black-and-white cookies. You can even do cheesy favors like pretzels if that suits your style.

3 - Personalized Gifts

If you're having a destination wedding, sending guests home with personalized items as mementos would be thoughtful. You could send them home with personalized coasters or playing cards made from photos taken on your big day. They may even use these things as part of their vacation activities around the destination! Another great idea is to send them home with a travel journal to record their adventures when they return home.

4 - Candles

Candles are another favorite at weddings! They're easy to carry with you and can be part of a relaxing evening or romantic date night once you return home. You could even place them in your bathrooms at home for guests to use when they spend the night if you have an event that will span over multiple days. One creative idea is to send guests home with votive candle holders. You could personalize glass votive candle holders with pictures or messages of thanks and include them in a clear bag. Or how about making soap? Your wedding favor possibilities indeed are endless!

5 - Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are an excellent choice for weddings, whether you're having an elegant affair or a casual celebration. You can place them in the guest's rooms during your wedding weekend or send one with your bridal party to give out at the rehearsal dinner. Make sure they include treats like sweet chocolates and champagne truffles if you'll be hosting multiple nights of festivities!

6 - Nuts

Nuts make another great favor thanks to their all-natural nature and portability. They're easy for guests to carry around in purses and pockets until they are ready for snacking on later, making them perfect at events like weddings held on the beach! If your wedding is in the autumn or winter, consider sending warm cupped nuts or ones that are already shelled, so your guests don't have to work at getting them out.

7 - Candy in a Jar

Candy in a jar is another wedding favor idea with endless possibilities. You could give out gumballs for an extra pop of color or laid out in glass votive candle holders on guest tables or the dance floor before the reception starts. They're easy to pass around and carry, plus they add a festive touch to any celebration!

8 - Flower Arrangements

Flower arrangement makes great wedding favors because they brighten up the space and send your guests home with something beautiful to remind them of your special day. You can even get creative with what kind of flowers you select—if you're tying the knot in the spring, consider sending a peony-themed gift, and if you're marrying in summer, try to send tropical arrangements with colorful flowers like hibiscus.

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