Sunglasses May Be Functional But Are Seriously Stylish

May 08, 2022

Sunglasses protect the eyes from too much sunlight, but they can do more. You can use sunglasses to make personal fashion statements. Sunglasses can be a fun way to accessorize and complete your outfit. The perfect sunglass brands are those that infuse style and quality. Some brands include Ray-Ban, Oakley, Prada, and Oliver Peoples. The brands that produce fantastic sunglasses combine impeccable craftsmanship, hallmark designs, high-quality lenses, and durable materials that offer protection from UV rays. They also provide the users with a classic look or a unique statement depending on what you are looking for. With the assorted varieties of sunglasses, you will find the perfect sunglasses to bring out your personality. With the right sunglasses, any outfit can feel complete while making a unique statement simultaneously. Here are some stylish sunglasses brands you should try out:

1 - Ray-Ban

The eyewear from Ray-Ban represents itself well. Sunglasses from Ray-Ban have been designed with stylish frames. Ray-Ban is a historical powerhouse producing stylish and high-quality eyewear for over 80 years. The Ray-Bans were initially intended for use by the military but started to be used by the public in1937. Ray-Ban has been worn by iconic social figures such as Muhammad Ali, Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, President John F., and Kennedy. Go for the Ray-Ban sunglasses brand for those wishing to have a movie icon and irresistible look.

2 - Oakley

Oakley is internationally famous for its superior eyewear. Its first pair was introduced to the public in 1984. It is a fantastic choice for active people in outdoor activities and sports. The Oakley shades will give you a sporty sensation and have remained constant must-have equipment for active athletes.

One significant advantage of using the Oakley sunglasses is that apart from protecting you from sunlight rays, they also ease seeing through reflections such as water. The eyewear is ideal for individuals participating in volleyball or other sports. In volleyball, one has to contrast the sky and the ball, and the glasses will aid in that. Whereas in a triathlete, an athlete competes in a condition that contains several lighting conditions.

3 - Tom Ford

Since its invention in 2005, Tom Ford has made a significant impact on the fashion industry. The sunglasses are made of slim frames that make them look stylish. The Tom Ford brand has embraced popular styles such as cat-eye, wraparound eyes, and aviator. Tom Ford acknowledges the roots of his industry’s success from his capability to anticipate what the consumers need and want ideally. This ability has helped him establish and grow his company to what it currently is.

4 - Oliver Peoples

It started in 1980 as a small Hollywood brand. It has since developed into an essential contender in the sunglasses industry, and it continues to make a wave today. Oliver Peoples has grown among the most popular sunglass brands because of its distinct and well-detailed frames. The brand also offers complete protection from UVB and UVA rays, materials of high quality, highly durable, and seven-barrel hinges on the eyewear.

5 - Prada

Prada eyewear was founded by two brothers, Martino and Mario Prada. The two Italian icons have produced elaborate and luxurious designs making the lead for fantastic sunglasses in the fashion industry. The Prada brand symbolizes elegance, class, and luxury. The company has produced sophisticated and chic eyewear that has been renowned worldwide. It offers a choice of frames with a wide selection of innovative and colorful designs. Prada uses eyewear designs such as the oval, cat-eye, and butterfly frames.

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