The Signs of Adult ADHD Can Be Both Subtle and Obvious

Jun 07, 2019

Many people think that ADD and ADHD (attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) are conditions that are limited to children. It’s a misconception that all children grow out of ADHD as they get older. This incorrect belief is often because many people learn to live and copy with their ADHD through many methods. It’s also a misconception that people only are diagnosed with ADHD and keep it forever. Many adults may have missed a diagnosis are are living with the symptoms of ADHD. In order to work on finding coping mechanisms that work for the individual, the first thing is being able to recognize that this is actually an issue. To do that, one needs to know the signs of adult ADHD and how they affect a person. What follows are some signs and symptoms to look out for.

1 - Impulsiveness

If you’ve ever checked out social media and saw a friend who keeps making impulsive decisions or purchases, there’s the potential they may have ADHD. Those with ADHD will often find that they make quick impulsive decisions that may be counter to something they were planning all along. Take a vacation where someone planned to go to Europe for several months, then at the last moment was distracted and chose a Caribbean vacation with almost no prompting.

2 - Time Management Problems

This is one of the true hallmarks of people with ADHD. Their inability to manage their time stems from a combination of lack of focus and some disorganization. This symptom will often show up in a person’s work life. They may be late for work, or late with assignments. This is especially difficult when they are forced to multitask. Seemingly people with ADHD might be good at multi-tasking, but in reality, each task suffers.

3 - Restlessness

Many people with adult ADHD will find themselves very restless. They always feel the need to be doing something. Many manifest this as fidgeting or involuntary constant moving. Sometimes, this can be manifested as a person who partakes of constant and excessive activity. They may spend vast chunks of their day exercising or taking part in many activities, rather than enjoying and specializing in one.

4 - Mood Swings

ADHD often manifests itself in mood swings. These swings can show off a drastic change of temperament in a manner of minutes. This commonly occurs during or around social situations. It’s common for those with ADHD to commit to a social experience, then back out at the last minute due to a change of mood. There are admittedly many causes of mood swings, so it’s always best to consider this symptom in combination with many of the other symptoms of adult ADHD.

5 - Easily Angered/Quick to Temper

This is similar, but different from the previous symptom. While similar to a mood swing, it’s simply a case of the person becoming enraged or furious about things that can seemingly be very small issues. Many instances anger while driving can be attributed to ADHD. This can also manifest in the ability (or lack thereof) to manage stress. People with ADHD find that they are often incapable of dealing with stressful aspects of their lives and will react with anger against their stressful triggers.

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