Earbuds Will Be a Primetime Item For Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Sep 29, 2021

The best time of year for any tech lover is the week leading up to Black Friday and the week started off by Cyber Monday right after it. This is the time to get all the great tech items that you want at only a fraction of the costs you might otherwise expect. 

One of the most exciting items to pick up has to be a great set of earbuds. High quality earbuds are expensive. However, they are also worth the money. Some tiny wireless earbuds can create sound that is shockingly good. This makes it easier to enjoy your favorite media at various times of the day. Podcasts on the go are no problem. Some great workout tunes are always available to you. But in the end, using Black Friday just makes sense. You can save tens or hundreds of dollars, which can in turn be used for other things. 

Shopping Black Friday Right

Earbuds range from entry level to the top of the line premium options. When you’re looking to get earbuds during a shopping holiday, you may be surprised at the savings. Conversely you might be disappointed at a lack of sales. Typically, the top of the line options may not have the best sales. The biggest discounts tend to be on mid tier options. Arguably the best thing to look for is the top of the line item earbud that has just been replaced by a new version. Since they aren’t the very newest item anymore, they will likely be priced to move. This is where you can get a $500 set of earbuds at a much better price. 

Another tip for shopping these deals is to cast a wide net. You want to have a wide variety of different retailers that you are looking at. While sales tend to be somewhat similar, it’s also possible that retailers have very different levels of stock. This can lead to very different prices. 

Uses of Earbuds 

As mentioned, there’s a lot of reasons to pick up earbuds. First off, many modern phones no longer use a headphone jack. In these cases, you need a set of wireless earbuds which can connect via bluetooth to the phone.

The sound quality of earbuds is really impressive. When sat correctly into the ear, they provide superior sound and don’t leak sound like the older versions did. This allows them to be among the best ways to enjoy any kind of music. 

Earbud portability makes them perfect for people on the go. Whether you are riding a subway or hitting the gym, you never have to go without your music. The same can also be said for podcasts. There’s podcasts for any interest these days, meaning that you can always be learning more about your favorite topics or just be entertained. 

Popular Earbuds

If you’re going to spend a bunch of money on Black Friday or Cyber Monday on a set of earbuds, you want to make sure that you’re getting something that has some great sound quality. Some of the best options on the market right now include: 

  • Sony WF-1000XM4 Wireless Earbuds - These offer some impressive sound for both music as well as call quality. These offer active noise cancelling. The only downside is the battery is average. Average as the biggest downside is certainly impressive. 
  • Nuratrue - This is an Australian brand which offers their earbuds with excellent customization and personalization. The noise cancellation is great as well. 
  • Lypertek PurePlay Z3 2.0 - This option is the least expensive of those mentioned. This can mean that it’s either a super cheap option on Black Friday, or potentially have minimal sales. They may look a little boring, but the sound is good, the value is there and they have a great battery. 

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