Dress Styles Offer Versatility and Fashion Sense

May 05, 2022

Dresses have been the go to look for many women for centuries. In addition to looking great, they can be really comfortable and worn to a number of different situations. Short of heavy manual labour situations, there’s a dress style seemingly perfect for anything. 

In some cases, dresses are being moved away from in style. Some people consider dresses to be a relic from when women had less rights and were “forced” to wear them. Other people are moving towards dresses as they allow a person to feel comfortable and look great. The important thing to remember is to find your own style. If it includes dresses, that’s great! If not, that’s okay too! But it’s hard to deny that there’s a lot to like with dresses. 

Dresses to Fit the Occasion

Dresses range from the delightfully playful to the seriously formal. Light dresses are great if you’re heading to the beach, going out shopping, or just hanging around the home. You want to make sure that these are light and airy, with plenty of room to move and feel comfortable.

As the situation becomes more formal, dresses tend to get less comfortable. Think of a wedding dress. This formal occasion helps any woman look like a princess, but there’s always a certain sense of relief when you can get out of the bloody thing! This applies to more situations than just weddings. Any black tie event will likely lead to a dress that may be tighter in places and not allow for full movement. 

What’s the happy medium between comfort and formality? That can often be business and workplace approved dresses. These tend to be of more conservative cuts to ensure that a woman is dressed professionally, while still feeling empowered and strong. It can be a tough balance for some, but work dresses can be a valuable asset in keeping yourself from falling into boring work attire all the time. 

Styles of Dresses

Quite simply there are a lot of different styles of dresses out there for people to choose from. The difference between one style and the next is sometimes fairly minimal. What follows is only a few of the different dress styles that a person may choose to get into. 

  • Off the Shoulder - This is a popular dress style which involves exposing both shoulders. Typically there is going to be a sleeve on the bicep, but sometimes it can be a simple ruffle. This is a compromise and similar to a strapless look, but isn’t as difficult to wear and pull off. 
  • Shift Dress - This dress was a huge hit for people back in the 1960’s and is suddenly making a comeback. These dresses are pretty short and are good for people who have a lean upright shape. The shift dress is a good place to start and lets you do a lot of accessorizing and customization. Try one with a duster or some knee high boots to show off a little. 
  • A-Line Dress - This dress creates the shape of an A from the hips down. It’s snug on hips and then flares out. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for something casual and comfortable. A-Line Dresses offer superior versatility and can be found in both informal and formal variants. 
  • Mini-Dress - This dress is designed for anyone to show off their legs. Obviously they are very short cut to do so. Not everyone feels comfortable in a Mini dress, but if you have the confidence in yourself and want to show off just a little bit, then it can be the right choice for you. 
  • Shirt Dress - This is another casual style of dress. These are loose fitting and typically have a shirt collar and buttons, giving the upper half a shirt like appearance. Since many are already comfortable accessorizing with shirts, this gives you even more options. 

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