Toronto Has a Wide Variety Of Exciting Places to Visit and Things to Do

Jun 11, 2022

The world has become a “global village” and many take that phrase as a cliché. Looking at it keenly, you realize that it is not cliché but the truth. Movement from one corner of the world to another has been simplified thanks to the development of a consistent airline industry. In addition to this, getting information from the remote parts of the world has been made easier due to developments in the communication sector. Over the years there has been an increase in the number of people visiting countries not of their origin. The idea is to interact with their environment, culture and appreciate the diversity of mankind. Annually, countries harvest a great fortune when visitors stream in for tourism purposes. When visiting Canada, you cannot leave without visiting Toronto. Toronto is the capital of the Ontario province. It boasts rich culture, backed with beautiful sceneries, mouth watering delicacies, beautiful beaches and a whole host of exciting activities. This article will look at some of the great things to do in Toronto. 

1 - Toronto Zoo.

The Toronto Zoo is home to more than five thousand species of animals. Lovers of wild animals will enjoy their visit at the zoo. Some of the animals that you will see at the zoo include giraffes, penguins, tigers and lions. Being at the zoo you will experience the beautiful vegetation along the Rouge River. You will also have a chance to enjoy cool moments with your family at the Discovery Zone. Here, families can interact and find time to rest. You can equally visit the Gorilla RainForest at the Zoo, the Great Barrier Reef and the Tundra Trek where you can interact with the bears.

2 - CN Tower

This great tower is one that you cannot afford to miss. The beautiful tower can be seen from a far distance. When you view it you will appreciate the prowess used in its construction. The tower’s history dates back between 1972- 1976. It should be noted that at its inception it was the largest tower in the world. The tower hosts the 360 Restaurant where you can go have your lunch or dinner as you access the glass floor levels of the tower. In some special cases, there can be the opportunity to do an outside walk on the exterior at the top as well! Weather permitting of course. 

3 - The Royal Ontario Museum.

The Royal Ontario Museum is one of the best museums in Canada. It is not only recognized locally but also internationally with a great reputation for excellence. At the museum you will appreciate the developments that have taken place in the life of man over time. The Royal Ontario Museum is home to many archeological artifacts from all over the world. While mainly a history museum, the “ROM” as the locals call it can be a fun adventure too. During special summer sessions, they most many exciting Friday night events with deluxe local food, music and drinks for more of a party atmosphere. 

4 - Visit the Entertainment District.

This Entertainment District is largely located in the city center. The district boasts of the city’s top most attraction sites. These attraction sites include Rogers Center, Scotiabank Arena and the CN Tower among other attractions. It is widely known for its numerous museums, fantastic dining, shows and performances. This means that you are guaranteed a full blast of entertainment at this entertainment district. During the evenings, everything comes to life. There are live performances in Royal Thompson Hall and the Royal Alexandra Theater. 

5 - The Toronto Island.

Taking a ferry trip as you watch and admire the beautiful blue lake water is a worthwhile experience. This trip from Queen’s Quay Terminal to the Toronto Islands is a great treat. There are a lot of enjoyable activities to do at the island which include swimming, rowing and sailing. Toronto also plays host to beautiful beaches where you will enjoy walking on the beautiful golden sand and see the crystal clear waters. During summer you will enjoy the warmth of the sun as you bask. Indeed your visit to Toronto Island can provide an incredible day that you might not expect to have in a busy metropolis like Toronto.

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