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What is Medicare Supplemental Insurance?

Medicare is one of the largest federally funded agencies and gives senior citizens the peace of mind of knowing that their essential health care needs are met. While it continues to be a valuable program, there are some essential services that are not covered by original Medicare Part A and Part B. Gaps in coverage can result in colossal healthcare bills that can be a tremendous burden for sick and disabled individuals.

FAQ About Shipment Tracking

Tracking packages and shipments lets the sender and the intended recipient follow the items virtually through the transportation process. Using a unique series of digits assigned to the shipment, the sender and intended recipient can follow its travel via an automated telephone system or the carrier’s website. Some online retailers offer tracking within their e-commerce site.

Visiting Vegas? What's the Best Place to Stay?

Las Vegas, with its famous main street, the Strip, is home to themed hotels, and a vibrant nightlife that is uniquely elaborate. With hotels to suit just about any budget and whim, it isn’t hard to find a hotel that fits your personality and your pocket book. Whether you want a luxury resort, a themed hotel, a classic option, a small boutique hotel, or a hotel within a hotel, you can find it in Vegas.

Is a Career in Event Management Right For You?

If you've worked at a hotel or restaurant in the past, and have a degree in business, marketing, or hospitality, you may want to consider a career in event management. Event planning can be an exciting field to get into. There's a lot of activity going on at different events at any given time.

Everything You Should Know About AARP

Millions of Americans are moving into the age bracket surrounding retirement. Their needs in life and the workforce are changing. They have substantially different health care costs and transportation requirements from the rest of the population.

Smart Ways to Save Money on Flights

Though horror stories abound regarding flight delays, lost baggage, and terrible service, flying is still the quickest and safest way to travel from one point to another. Gone are the days when only the elite few could travel as flying has become more affordable over the years. It still isn't "cheap" and for those on a tight budget, flying can seem out of reach.