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The family and lifestyle choices needed to be made on a daily basis seem endless. Our articles offer a vast amount of information of various family and lifestyle topics to help make smarter daily decisions.

Which Brand of Car Fits Your Needs?

Car dealerships tend to clump together. It’s common to drive down a street and see the signs for Dodge, Nissan, Kia, Ford, Toyota, Hyundai and many others all nearby. Choosing one brand over another can be a difficult decision, let alone which specific vehicle you’re interested in from among the many different brands.

Nothing is More Comforting on a Cold Day Than a Warm Fire

The flickering flames and warmth of a wood-burning fireplace can add charm and romance to your home. For centuries the family hearth has been the heart of every domicile from castle to hut. Many families have counted on their fireplace for cooking food, light, and comfort.

Help Your Pets Avoid Fleas and Ticks

There’s a lot of problems that can affect your pet and their health. Among the most common are fleas and the chance that ticks attach themselves to your pet. Fleas are very common.

Owning a Cat Is a Unique and Wonderful Experience

When it comes to finding the perfect pet, many people spin the wheel of animals and land on cat. Dogs are great, but they are almost as much responsibility as a child. Birds look good, but it’s hard to cuddle a bird after a long day out.

Comics Have Never Been More Popular Than Now

For nearly a century, comics have kept children of all ages entertained through artwork and storytelling. Over the years, collectors and fans alike have purchased new and used comic books, turning this form of entertainment into a hobby unto itself. While electronic media has made other forms of reading material such as books and newsprint less popular, it has not affected the manufacturers or the local comic book store in the same way.

Never Miss Another Movie At the Wrong Time Again

Heading to the local movie theater to catch a film on the big screen promises excitement, entertainment, and relaxation, but nothing is more frustrating than showing up and realizing the movie you want to see has already started. You used to have to look in the newspaper or call the movie theater box office to pick a show time, then hope the schedule didn't change before you arrived at the theater. Now there are more modern, convenient, and up-to-the-minute ways to find new movie releases, but who should you trust to make sure you never miss a movie by going at the wrong time again?