There Are Many Ways To Get Rid of Those Annoying Hiccups

Feb 11, 2021

There's no doubt about it; getting the hiccups can be quite frustrating to deal with. Add them to a school/work presentation, and they can be downright embarrassing and annoying. Understandably, people may want to begin searching for ways to get rid of hiccups before they have to take the stage or simply to feel comfortable. However, it is important to know what works and what are false promises. The only thing worse than getting the hiccups is trying with all your might and failing to get rid of the hiccups. Thankfully there are some steps you can take to try to avoid getting the hiccups and get rid of them once you do. The following includes further information on the number of ways to effectively get rid of those annoying hiccups once and for all.

Preventive Measures

If you know that you have a presentation coming or that you are prone to hiccups, it is important to understand what causes them before they appear. Let's talk about eating and drinking first. No matter the type of food you are eating, attempting to eat it fast may increase the chances of getting hiccups soon after. This is the same for drinks. Now, let's get into the type of foods you may want to avoid eating altogether. Anything spicy can disrupt your body's natural chemicals and cause certain reactions, one of those including the hiccups. Lastly, you may think that not eating anything and simply chewing some gum would work. The unfortunate reality is that gum can cause hiccups as well. Because you are breathing in large amounts of air between each chew, your lungs are slowly becoming filled with necessary oxygen, which then causes hiccups.

Breathing Treatments for Hiccups

Although there are a few signs of incoming hiccups, most people will not notice until the hiccups actually begin occurring. Fortunately, you can use a few treatments to begin diminishing and ultimately eliminating them from happening. The first and easiest to do is holding your breath for 10 seconds then breathing out slowly. This causes your carbon dioxide levels to increase within your body, thus helping your diaphragm begin to expand again properly. You may also do another similar treatment using warm water. All you need is a glass of warm water and begin to sip slowly as you hold your breath. Lastly, you can help to reduce your hiccups by simply distracting yourself from the situation. Step away from your current location, pursue a hobby, or start doing some household work. The following include other ways to reduce your hiccups:

  • Rubbing the back of your neck
  • Placing vinegar in your mouth
  • Suck a small piece of lemon
  • Try to burp

Medications to Treat Hiccups

In some cases, all those preventive measures and treatments may not work. In this case, seeing a medical doctor is highly recommended. Prolonged hiccups can quickly turn from an annoying issue to a dangerous one as you are not being prevented from drinking or eating properly. So, what would they be able to give you to hopefully help you stop your hiccups? In most cases, doctors will prescribe medication. These specific meds help the muscles of the body relax, which is needed for you to stop the involuntary movement. However, doctors will only use medication as a last resort.

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