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Overall health and wellness are very important decisions that seem to be changing very rapidly. Our repository of information stays current with the health and wellness information needed to make smarter health decisions.

A Person's Heart Rate Can Often Tell Much About Their Heart Health

The knowledge of the heartbeats you get in one minute is crucial. The heart rate of an individual is an important indicator of a person's overall health and a key measurement of a person's level of physical fitness. Knowing your heart rate is a good start if you want to understand better how your body reacts to the exercise you're doing and other activities.

Home Care Services Can Help People Maintain Their Independence as They Age

Home care services are becoming popular for seniors, as they offer a range of benefits that are hard to match by any other option. Home care services can provide a sense of independence for seniors as well as a benefit to the family at the same time. Seniors want the comfort and privacy of their homes while they get the medical care they need.

Drinking Too Much Caffeine Has Certain Risk Factors

Millions of people drink caffeinated drinks on a daily basis to improve concentration and alertness. It is always the go-to for when you have just got out of bed and find yourself struggling to jump-start your day. But, how much is too much when it comes to taking caffeine?

Suffering From Dizziness Is Common and Can Come From Many Sources

Feeling a little paranoid due to dizzy spells lately? Most of the time, one doesn't know what exactly is causing the dizziness, let alone how to cure it. Sadly, sometimes there are serious causes that are coming from medical conditions.

Neck Pain Can Range from Minor to Debilitating

Nobody likes discomfort. However, sometimes it comes in the form of neck pain. This pain makes it very difficult to handle daily tasks.

Using an Oxygen Concentrator Makes Breathing So Much Easier

An oxygen concentrator is a machine used to generate and deliver pure oxygen gas into the lungs of patients with trouble breathing. It is often used as a treatment for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or emphysema.It works by running oxygen-rich air from the concentrator through tubes into the patient's nose or mouth, and in this way, it helps to keep your lungs healthy.