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Many Types of Hernias Can Plague the Body

A hernia is a type of malformation where tissue bulges out through a muscle wall that is supposed to hold it back. Most hernias are found in the abdomen. Sometimes people don’t know that they have a hernia, while other people can feel it as a lump that they can push in or that disappears when they lie down.

There Are Many Ways To Get Rid of Those Annoying Hiccups

There's no doubt about it; getting the hiccups can be quite frustrating to deal with. Add them to a school/work presentation, and they can be downright embarrassing and annoying. Understandably, people may want to begin searching for ways to get rid of hiccups before they have to take the stage or simply to feel comfortable.

Constipation Isn't Pleasant, But There are Multiple Ways To Handle It

The mouth is the physical door to the body and one of the most prominent reasons for constipation. What goes into the body affects what and how it comes out. Poor dietary choices and a lack of exercise cause constipation.

Handling Vertigo Can Improve Your Day to Day Life

Vertigo is where a person feels woozy, faint, dizzy, and unsteady. A person with vertigo will feel that everything around them is spinning or moving. Dizzy spells are annoying and are one of the most common reasons why patients visit their doctors.

Living With Diabetes Isn't Easy But it Can Be Done

One of the worst pronouncements that an adult can receive is a diagnosis of Diabetes. Despite being a major part of the American health culture, Diabetes remains a serious problem that results in major complications and sometimes in death. Whether suffering from Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes, the body is no longer properly handling its blood sugar.

Can You Spot The Many Signs That Someone May Be Starting to Suffer From Dementia

Signs someone has dementia can be difficult to spot. Dementia is a very strange mental disease, and sometimes people mistake it for the normal symptoms of old age. Because it's such a drastic change in behavior, a lot of the time it's hard to tell if someone is suffering from dementia or just day-to-day experiencing a little forgetfulness.