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Handling Vertigo Can Improve Your Day to Day Life

Vertigo is where a person feels woozy, faint, dizzy, and unsteady. A person with vertigo will feel that everything around them is spinning or moving. Dizzy spells are annoying and are one of the most common reasons why patients visit their doctors.

Living With Diabetes Isn't Easy But it Can Be Done

One of the worst pronouncements that an adult can receive is a diagnosis of Diabetes. Despite being a major part of the American health culture, Diabetes remains a serious problem that results in major complications and sometimes in death. Whether suffering from Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes, the body is no longer properly handling its blood sugar.

Can You Spot The Many Signs That Someone May Be Starting to Suffer From Dementia

Signs someone has dementia can be difficult to spot. Dementia is a very strange mental disease, and sometimes people mistake it for the normal symptoms of old age. Because it's such a drastic change in behavior, a lot of the time it's hard to tell if someone is suffering from dementia or just day-to-day experiencing a little forgetfulness.

Avoiding Kidney Disease is Crucial to Long Term Health

Appearing in patients both acutely and chronically, kidney disease can have a major impact on someone's daily life. Kidney disease can affect many different bodily functions including the body's ability to clean blood and control blood pressure. Bone health can even take a hit from the lack of vitamin D being processed through the body by the kidneys.

An Incredible Mattress Is the Start to Better Sleep

Mattresses are such an important part of life. You sleep on one every night and your sleep affects you every single day. Not every mattress is perfect for every person.

Don't Get Caught Empty Handed When You Need Feminine Products

All women have to deal with menstruation from the time they hit puberty to when they reach menopause. Even though menstrual cycles are on average supposed to happen once a month and last seven days, all women are different. Some have regular menstrual cycles while others' cycles fluctuate throughout the year.