Hire a Moving Company That Meets Your Needs Using This Helpful Q&A

Apr 26, 2018

Moving requires a lot of moving pieces and it can be easy to lose track of important steps while you are planning. From choosing which items are moving with you and which are not to choosing the right packing materials, you can easily get overwhelmed. That is why many people turn to moving companies whenever they are relocating their home.

Moving companies have been around for a while and they can make your move far more bearable or they can make it a nightmare. There are thousands of local and interstate moving companies around the world and not all of them are created equal. With no shortage of different choices at your fingertips, it is important that you do some research and ask some important questions before you hire a company.

It is important to ask these questions otherwise you may be hiring a company that will cause you a headache every step. There are hundreds of stories of moving companies that destroyed household items and never paid to replace them as well as moving scams that stole entire houses worth of belongings.

Why Use A Moving Company

You may be asking, "If there is a chance for so many issues, why use a moving company at all?"

While there are definitely some concerns if you don't choose your moving company carefully, there are many positives if you do. The first is the amount of stress relief that you will find having someone else doing the heavy lifting for you. While packing and organizing can be difficult, the biggest time eater and tension creator is getting all of your things from one house to the next.

Having a moving company move your household means that you don't have to worry about the hours of loading and unloading that come with every move. Professional movers create a schedule that includes their arrival and their departure and work with you to ensure that every detail is taken care of. You are in control but on moving day, you don't actually have to be there if you don't feel like it.

Moving companies also tend to have years of moving experience under their belt. This means that you don't have to stress about carefully moving any heirlooms that you might have. Professional movers are trained to handle these types of items so that they arrive at their destination. There are also moving companies that will pack your house for you using packing techniques that are proven to protect.

Finally, most moving companies offer services that will support you if a mover destroys a beloved item. If you are moving on your on and you drop a lamp, you are the only one responsible for that mistake. If a mover breaks something, you will receive a replacement.

Questions and Answers

All that being said, it is important to ask a few questions before choosing a moving company. That will ensure that you receive all of the support that you are entitled to and have a stress free moving day. Here are the most important questions that you should ask before making a selection.

Q: Are You Licensed?

A: Yes.

If a company replies with anything except a firm yes, you should move on. If you have concerns, ask to see their license before hiring them.

Q: Are You Experienced with This Type of Move?

A: Yes.

Your moving company should be experienced in the type of move that you are making. That means that if you are moving from a wooded cottage to a townhome with multiple stories, they know what to do when they get to your new home.

Q: What Is Your Liability Coverage?

A: Full Value Protection or Released Value Protection.

All interstate moving companies must offer these two types of liability coverage. They may also offer more, as well.

Q: Do You Have References?

A: Yes.

It is important for a moving company to have references that you can contact. This question is less important if a friend referred the company to you.

Q: Can You Offer A Binding Quote?

A: Yes. They may also offer a not-to-exceed estimate. 

This question ensures that you will not have an unseemly bill that you were not expecting after your moving day.

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