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Buying or renting a home should be a pleasant, joyful experience. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Our real estate and rental articles provide the facts and information needed to help make a smarter home decision.

How To Legally Protect Yourself as a Landlord

Legal issues are a major concern for landlords. This is true regardless of whether they own single-family homes, condominiums or apartment complexes. Tenants have the ability to pursue legal action for quite a number of issues and lease agreements are both an official legal document and an important element of a landlord's business.

To Rent or Own? The Top Money Questions and Answers You Need to Know

A major decision that people are faced with as they move through life is whether to rent or buy a home. The answer can be different from one year to the next. While there are advantages to both, statistics show that home ownership is still favored with the U.

Is Leasing a Valid Way to Buy A Home?

Most people dream of owning their own home and enjoying all the benefits that go along with it, but many are held back by financial restraints. It is not always easy to save up enough money for the required down payment or there may be a problem with credit history. These problems do not necessarily preclude an individual from pursuing other options such as considering a lease-to-buy purchase agreement.

Is Now the Time to Sell Your Home? FAQ for Sellers

There are many personal factors involved in deciding to sell a home. The reasons for selling are as varied as the individuals who make the decision to sell. Putting a house on the market requires much thought and advance planning.

What Are Section 8 Apartments?

Section 8 Apartments or Houses are privately owned units rented to low income families, disabled persons or the elderly. Units are rented at the fair market value. Any difference between the amount the tenant pays and the total rental amount is government subsidized.

8 Ways to Ensure Your Rental Property is Profitable

Being a landlord can become a profitable way to make a living if you play your cards right. An attractive apartment in good repair is likely to be sought after by high quality tenants. However, if you don’t do things right, that new rental property of yours could become a money pit.