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New technology and electronics are always changing, and selecting exactly which ones you need and don’t need can be very daunting. Our articles provide the information in an easy-to-read, digestible way to help make smarter technology decisions.

Earbuds Will Be a Primetime Item For Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The best time of year for any tech lover is the week leading up to Black Friday and the week started off by Cyber Monday right after it. This is the time to get all the great tech items that you want at only a fraction of the costs you might otherwise expect. One of the most exciting items to pick up has to be a great set of earbuds.

Is There a Better Time For a New Phone Than Black Friday?

Everyone needs a cell phone these days. It allows you to stay connected with your friends, access the internet if you need it, and protect you during emergency situations. Quite simply, our cell phones connect us to the world and many people feel troubled if they have to go without theirs.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Can Be a Great Time for a New Laptop

It can be difficult to live life without a good laptop. Laptops are used for business and personal use. As more people than ever before transition away from large clunky desktops, laptops have taken the top spot when it comes to computers.

The Perfect Home Theater Consists of Several Pieces

The perfect home theater is not a single room but an entire space that incorporates all of the senses. The first step to creating this masterpiece is choosing the right location. A basement with a lot of natural light and high ceilings will be ideal for your home theater.

Which TV Is Actually The Best Smart TV?

It’s difficult to walk through an appliance or electronics aisle without seeing the word “Smart” plastered everywhere. It’s no different when it comes to televisions. Everyone is racing to produce the best Smart TV.

The Best Keyboard Fits Your Hands Like a Glove

Whether you spend hours a day using your computer, or you are just the type of person who uses their computer for the bare necessities having a great computer keyboard makes all the difference on your fingers. Did you know that there are dozens of different styles of keyboard to choose from? Picking the right one for you and your needs can help drastically reduce strain and can make using your computer more fun.